Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Having good gear is always important to any athlete. Having great great is even better. The guys from down under (Australia) have finally brought their brand to South Africa. What makes this gear better you ask? Well, "the engineered waistband technology provides compression through an advanced and innovative knitting process, which improves core stability". You can read more below.


Supacore, an Australian compression wear brand that offers the latest technology in recovery and injury prevention is now available in South Africa. The compression garments are designed with the latest technology to provide the ultimate quality in compression, comfort, fit and performance. Supacore’s Coretech technology is registered under Therapeutic Goods Australia and is classified as a medical device. The medicinal benefits to physiotherapists give Supacore a distinct point of difference to our competitors.

“This is a superior, high quality brand imported from Australia and retails at the same cost as other compression wear in South Africa,” said local distributor, Justin Witbooi.

CORETECH ™ is the only compression range that assists with recovery of hamstring, lower back and groin related injuries. The engineered waistband technology provides compression through an advanced and innovative knitting process, which improves core stability, provides sacro-lumbar support and assists with, recovery and reduces injury. Other products available are the Football range, training range and recovery wear.

A firm staple of professional rugby and soccer teams internationally the South African branch is looking forward to adding the same technology and support to the local sporting space.

“Supacore is the most comfortable, most durable and most effective compression wear I have tried!” said CEO of Football Operations at Newcastle Knights, Matthew Gidley.Visit the website and online store for more information.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

LFS Rules and Regulations - Part 1

As we are getting ever so close to the final stage of Last Fighter Standing, all the finalists came together along with LFS CEO Quinton van de Burgh and LFS presenter, Micheal Jai White at the Sun City resort for a training camp. While the fighters are getting familiar with some more techniques and lessons from Micheal Jai White, I thought it would only be fitting to introduce the fans to the Official Last Fighter Standing Rules and Regulations. This will be a regular feature coming as we build up to the finals. In this segment, I will be focusing on Section 8.4 Method on Sccoring for Judges and 8.5 Scorekeeper's Duties.


The three scoring judges of a bout will select a winner of each round at the end of each round, marking their ballots accordingly. These ballots will be collected by the assistant scorekeeper, and tabulated at the end of each round by the scorekeeper and LFS Representative. Once ballots have been marked by the respective scoring judges, no changes of the ballots will be allowed except at the express direction of LFS Supervisor. Scoring judges score all rounds by recording a score of ten points for the winner of each round, and a score of not less than five points for the loser of each round. Judges will score using point counters.

10-9 Indicates one fighter distinguished himself/herself as the more effective fighter during the round, as described above.
The score is used often and indicates an obvious margin between the fighters.

8.4.1 Points shall be totaled on each scoring judge's scorecard to determine that judge's selection of a winner.

8.4.2 Each judge's selection will count as one vote towards determining the overall winner of the bout.

8.4.3 If a judge's scorecard, when totaled, reflects an equal number of points for both fighters, that judge will have voted for a
draw. In the case of 3 judges' have an equal number of points for both fighters, the bout will be declared a draw.

8.4.4 If two judges' scores favour one fighter, and the other judge votes for a draw, the fighter receiving two votes shall be declared the winner by majority decision.

8.4.5 If all three judges' scores favour one fighter, that fighter will be declared the winner by unanimous decision.

8.4.6 If one judge votes for a fighter, and the other two judge's vote for the other fighter, the fighter receiving the two votes shall be declared the winner by split decision. Should it be necessary to substitute a judge during a match due to sickness, the scores will stand for the rounds already completed. A substitute judge, appointed by LFS Supervisor, will score the
remaining rounds of the match.


At the end of each round, the scorekeeper will take the scoring judges ballot slip from the assistant scorekeeper or LFS Supervisor who will have collected them from the three scoring judges, and will take the number of kicks from the two kicking judges' cards, and then he/she will tabulate the results onto his/her master score card.

The scorekeeper shall tally all foul points, having been instructed by the referee at the end of each round as to the amount of penalty points, deducting these appropriately from each judge's score under the ten point scoring system,and entering the results on the master scorecards.If the match should end in a knoackout or a technical knockout the scorekeeper shall entert the exact time of the KO/TKO on the master scorecard.

At that time, the scorekeeper shall make the final tallies and deliver the totals to LFS Supervisor, who will verify the accuracy of the scores. Where appropriate, he/she will check the tiebreaker ballots. The Supervisor shall then report the results of the bout to the referee and the announcer.

That will be it for now. With the next feature we will be looking at 8.9:LFS Judging Criteria and 8.10: LFS Referee Criteria and 8.11: Powers of the Referee. 

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

EFC52: The Cape Storm has arrived


It was the week of Municipal Elections around South Africa and with that, many political parties made promises (Including Africa's leading MMA organisation, EFC). EFC came through and really delivered on their promise to the people of Cape Town.

With a much waited for fight between former trainer and student in Jadyson Costa and Don 'The Magic Man' Madge. Fans were also lining up and talking about what promised to be a slug fest between Champion Dalcha and Tumelo 'The Truck' Maphuta.

Before we get to those fights, we take a look at the other bouts on the main card. The first fight on the card saw Sibusiso 'The Monster' Mdoko take on Saxon 'The One Minute Monster' Delafield. Both fighters came into this bout currently on a losing streak and only one of them were able to change things around. That man was Delafield, who stayed true to his nickname by disposing of Mdoko in an impressive 48 seconds of the 1st round by locking in a Guillotine and making The Monster tap.

I personally feel it is time for Mdoko to seek a new gym as he comes into his fights with pride and fire but has been lacking something new. Being a former title contender, Mdoko has alot to offer his fans and a change in coaching staff might just do the trick.

The second fight had Tumisang 'The President' Madiba vs Sindile Manengela. During the first round, Manengela showed his worth and Judo technique by executing a few beautiful takedowns. His time under Chris Bright really showed to make a difference in his style. Madiba having more fights under his name and also 3 first round finishes, he was planning on getting this fight done quickly. Manengela did not make things easy as round 1 quickly came to an end. With another takedown from Manengela in the second round, Madiba capitalised and got top guard. In this postision, Madiba rained down a few heavy hands to the head of Manengela. The ref took a very close look at things and had no choice but to call the fight. Madiba won the fight 3:52sec into the second round. During the interview, Madiba called on EFC Matchmaker Greame Cartmel for a better macthup, "Greame, find me someone who does things different. All these guys fight the same". Let's hope Cartmel finds Madiba the challenge he wants.

Fight three on the main card had Bruno 'Major' Mukulu vs Wade 'Wendo' Henderson. Henderson who was out of EFC for 2 years due to personal reasons, took this fight on short notice and hasn't won since 2013. Mukulu with a very big fan base in Cape Town, had the DRC natives on their feet as he entered the arena and making his way to the Hexagon.

Round 1 saw both fighters using their feet very well. A kick from Henderson grazed the groin of Mukulu. The ref called time but after a few seconds, Mukulu was ready to go. As the fight restarted, Henderson jumped onto Mukulu to lock in a standing guillotine. Mukulu slipped out and took the fight to the mat. With Mukulu having top guard, Henderson made full use of his ground game by striking from the bottom position. Henderson managed to get out of an elbow lock and leg lock right before the end of the firts round.

Mukulu started the second round of with a bang as he moved forward and tagged Henderson that had him going backwards. Mukulu senses that Henderson was in pain, he went in for the kill. Mukulu went forward and landed a kick right in the abdomen of Henderson and dropped him to the mat. The ref jumped in between the two fighters as he could see Henderson had enough. Mukulu won the fight 1:05sec into round 2.

Champion Dalcha Lungiambula vs Tumelo 'The Truck' Maphuta. A fight that had many people talking as these are two guys who are known as the hardest hittest in the organisation. The expectation was high. At the start of the first round, it was clear that we will see a repeat of the Maphuta vs Drotschie fight. A fight that had both guys waiting before they engage due to the power they posses. This tecnique by Dalcha and Maputa had the crowd booing...they wanted a slug fest. This went on for most of the 5 rounds. the times these two actually went toe to toe, the fans were screaming and shouting. Dalcha was clearly the more dominant fighter on the ground as he suffocated Maphuta most of the time on the mat. The BJJ training of Dalcha could be what won him the fight in the end as he beat Maphuta by Unanimous Desicion to claim the Interim Light Heavyweight Title. The downfall for Maphuta was, he showed too much respect to Dalcha. When standing and trading, Maphuta seemed to be the aggresor and more dominant, making Dalcha miss but hardly ever following up with a counter shot.

The main event fight saw Don 'Magic Man' Madge aginst former BJJ trainer Jadyson Costa. This fight was more important then any title fight, this fight was for Madge to show he is alot better since the last time Costa stood infront of him. Madge moved from Cape Town to join one of the country's top MMA gyms, Fight Fit Malitia. Under the guidance of head coach Richard Quan, Madge looked focused as ever when entering the Hexagon. Not wasting any time, Madge charged forward the moment the hooter went off. Costa however did not seemed fazed by the quick attack. Getting Madge on the mat, he attempted to lock in submission after submission. The change in camps, seemed to have made a big difference to Madge as he got out of these attempts every single time. Madge finally got top guard on Costa and began to rain down punches like it's nobody's businnes. The ref kept a close eye on things and decided to put Costa out of his misery, calling the fight 2:31 seconds into round 1.

A packed Grand Arena of almost 4000 people cheered their favourite fighters on and were treated to some very good fights. Let's hope the organisation keeps on delivering top fighters and bouts that will keep the fans coming back for more.

Results of the prelim fights are as follow:

1-Sylvester Chipfumbu beat Lourens Botes via Unanimous Decision.
2-Kaleka Kabanda beat Basambombo Mutuale via Unanimous Decision.
3-Regis Muyambo beat Pope Djembo via Unanimous Decision
4-Wessel Mostert beat Ivan Strydom via Guillotine 1:14 seconds / Round 1
5-Armand Scheepers beat Stefan Pretorious via Guillotine 1:44 seconds / Round 1
6-Pupanga Tresor beat Pietie Coxen via KO 58 seconds / Round 1

Article by: Darren McLean

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Training Session - Fighterz Inc.

Have you ever walked into a Martial Arts training centre and felt intimidated by the students and coaches because you are the new guy (or girl)? I have, but this was not the case when I visited Fighterz Inc. a few weeks back. In fact it was quit the opposite.

Being greeted by a bunch of friendly faces immediately set me at ease, and as I confusingly walked around not knowing where to stand or what to do, some of the students geared me in the right direction.

Although I have been training for a number of years, I always humble myself when walking into another training institution. As all martial artist would know, respect is one of the core fundamentals of this long aged tradition. Co-incidentally, this also happens to be part of the Fighterz Inc. motto.

Our Motto
Respect. Discipline. Commitment.

God first, believe in yourself and never doubt.
Training was intense and extremely technical. So getting a good work out while learning how to defend yourself properly is definitely a winning combination. 

After training I managed to get a few words from two of Fighterz Inc.'s most prestige's fighters, Faeez "Trouble Maker" Jacobs and Justin Arthur Smith. Faeez currently holds three titles from different organisations and Justin recently defeated Ashley Robinson for the Rebel Welterweight title.

Fighterz Inc has prided themselves on many things, one of those being training women in self-defense. Here we spoke to two of the female students and they gave us some insight on their experience with Fighterz Inc.

Fighterz Inc. has built a vast platform where they train both fighters, and the ordinary person who simply trains for fitness goals or self-defense. Be sure to check out their website at should you wish to find out more about their classes and times.

Article by Justin Smith

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Saga Continues: Zeus' Journey to The Dome.

After the last interview with Joshua 'Zeus' Ignjatovic, he switched gyms, going from Panther Fighting Arts to Pride Fighting Academy. PFA has become a gym filled with champions, with two fighters recently winning titles in their respective divisions at Cape Fight League 15.

Joshua was in the first fight on the card after being drawn against Alain Kulenfuka at the weigh-ins on Friday 8th July at the Sunningdale Sports Complex. With them being former sparing partners, this fight showed alot of promise as Joshua got in a big right hook that nearly dropped Kulenfuka. Being on the backfoot most of round 1 and 2, Kulenfuka needed to change his plan. Joshua however had other plans with a takedown and beautifully timed shots just before the end of the round. The 3rd round was also in the hands of Josh even with Kulenfuka putting up a fight, but it was too late. The winner of the bout was Joshua. He advanced to the semi-final round where he was set to face Tylor McMurtie.

Being in the first fight on the card, he now had some time to recover while the other fights are going on. He would be in a possible third fight if he manages to defeat McMurtie in the next round.
McMurtie set up a decent fight against Joshua, not backing down and landing a few shots of his own. There was not much between them but in the end, the fighter with the better use of the ring and the one landing more clean shots will be the winner. Joshua progressed to the final fight in the division.

In the next fight and most likely the toughest of the night, he is set to face one of Cape Town's best strikers in Christiano Ndombassy. Ndombassy with a record of 24-6 (wins-losses) was set to be his toughest fight on the night. In the one corner, you had one of the best strikers in Cape Town and very humble fighter. In the other corner you have a former Lightweight MMA Champion and all round Martial Artist, this had fight of the night written all over it.

Ndombassy seemed to be in control of the stand up exchanges. Being patient and following Joshua around the ring. Joshua however who is an MMA fighter, made full use of the allowed 20 second ground and pound rule by charging for the takedown and landing shots at will. This tactic went on for the entire 5, 2 minute rounds. With the decision going to the judges, Joshua was declared the winner and will now be making his way to The Dome.

Joshua 'Zeus' Ignjatovic has at a young age become one of the top MMA fighters in Cape Town. Be sure to follow his progress as he prepares to face the rest of the South African Prelim Lightweight winners, when they all meet up on the 15th October in Johannesburg.

See you at The Dome for Last Fighter Standing.

Article by: Darren McClean

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Last Fighter Standing Cape Town Prelims

Darren: The Last Fighter Standing Cape Town Prelims edition finally made their appearance in the Mother City. Hosted by Cape Fight League at the Sunningdale Sports Complex, fans were in for a full day of fights.

Justin: And what a day it was Darren! Earlier than we are used to, and longer duration spent at the venue but it was all worth it once the bell rang and fists started flying.
Lightweight Division
Darren: Starting just before 11am, we saw PFA fighter and former CFL Lightweight Champion, Joshua 'Zeus' Ignjatovic taking on former sparing partner Alain Kulenfuka. Ignjatovic was in control of the fight in almost every round and just sticking to his game plan. Kulenfuka, though on the back foot most of the time, he did not back down at any time. In the end, Joshua Ignjatovic went on to win the fight and also beat Tylor McMurtie and Christiano Ndombassy all in the same night to advance to the Championship at The Dome.

Justin:I have to admit that Tylor McMurtie thoroughly impressed me. Even though he did not make it to the final he showed no sign of backing down. There were a number of times he had Ignjatovic in some serious trouble. And he is as tough as nails! He took some big shots handed down by Zeus but at no point did he even flinch. 
Welterweight Division
Darren: In the Welterweight Division, Josh Light fom Takedown Academy was drawn against the very entertaining and energetic Christian Bobo Mpia fighting out of Fighterz Inc. The first round started off in a blitz, as both fighters seemed to want to end the fight fast. Mpia however, making good use of his reach managed to tag Josh with almost every punch thrown. Josh, being the die hard fighter that CFL fans know him to be, did not stand back. After a hard fought 3 rounds, Mpia got the much needed win to progress to the next round where he faced Reginald Mnguni and Khulekani Hlongwa respectively to then be the winner in the division and go to The Dome.

Justin: During the break when you did the interview with him, he said something that  struck me hard! "I'm going to dominate all of them!" Which is exactly what he went on to do. At no point was there any doubt that Bobo was there more superior fighter. His awkward movement and skilled style made it extremely difficult for is opponents to figure him out.
Featherweight Division
Darren: Razel Mohamed came into the tournament with the least fights behind her name and was without a doubt, the underdog. This after being drawn against a former Champion in Chantelle van Schalkwyk. At the start of the fight, Mohamed took her time getting to know her opponent and picking her shots but then managed to tag van Schalkwyk with a few heavy hits. during the 2nd round and also in the 3rd, Mohamed was in her element and kept on moving forward, also shooting for a takedown and make full use of the 20 second takedown rule. Mohamed came out victorious in this fight, defeating van Schalkwyk and Khosi Mtetwa in the final Featherweight fight. Mohamed progressed to The Dome.

Justin: Looking at the stats. van Schalkwyk seemed to be the favourite with 27 fights in her win column and Mohamed only 7. For me, the perfect match-up would have been Nuraan Noerdien vs Razell Mohamed but unfortunately, Noerdien had to leave the ring with a broken wrist which Noerdien later stipulated in a post on social media " one of those things, it happens..." when referring to her broken wrist.
Heavyweight Division
Darren: Sors 'Guru' Grobbelaar is a name that needs no introduction on the MMA scene in South Africa. Former EFC Africa Heavyweight, was drawn against Thierry Mukuna in the 2nd fight in the Heavyweight Division. Sitting ringside, I almost jumped out of my seat when the two heaviest guys in the division tossed each other around the ring and into the corner, literally making the entire ring shake. These big guys aren't always the most entertaining to watch but Sors has a way of making a fight fan watch him as he uses his legs more then any other heavyweight that I've seen. Thierry put up a decent fight against the veteran but could not beat him. Sors advanced to The Dome after defeating Richard 'The Animal' van Bergen in the final Heavyweight bout.

Justin: And that's what it's all about! The finals that will take place at the Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg. All these athletes have secured their tickets to the finals. Now we await Joburg prelims.

Article by: Darren McClean and Justin Smith
Photo credit:  Stephen Bryan and Justin Smith

Thursday, 23 June 2016


You may noticed that many of our latest "Today's Feature" posts have been around the fighters taking place in Last Fighter Standing. This promotion has gone above and beyond in setting up a great tournament for both fighters and fans. You will see by the caliber of the fighters that this event eliminates the weak from the strong. There can be only one! Join us as Last Fighter Standing comes to Cape Town. See more below.
July 2016
New fight promotion and reality t.v show Last Fighter Standing (LFS) is heading for Cape Town on 9 July for the second round of its five legged elimination show. Coming off its riveting debut in Durban last month, LFS is promising a bigger and better show with lead presenter Michael Jai White’s arrival in South Africa.

Last Fighter Standing Western Cape (#LFSWC) will host the weigh in at Sunningdale Sports Complex on the 8th July, giving media and fight fans an opportunity to meet the stars of the reality show and will give them a taste of the action to come on 9 July at Sunningdale.

The Cape Town fight night will showcase an 8 – man and 4 – woman all fighting styles elimination tournament. Winners in each weight division will qualify for their share of 1 million rand in prize money at the South African Championships in October.

American actor and martial artist, Michael Jai White says he is looking forward to seeing the Cape Town fighters in action.   As he told attendees at the Launch of LFS on the 1 June, “Martial arts has always played a huge role for me and it taught me the discipline I needed for all areas of my life,” he said. “I am very excited to celebrate this project with South Africans.”

Cape Town Fight card:
Joshua Ronald Ignjatovic
Pride Fighting Academy
Cristiano De Jesus Ndombassy
Fighters Inc
Mmelo Mbabane
Joshua Light
Alaine Kulenfuka
Renamo Harris
West Coast Johan
Givan Majuber
Moses Joburg Momalodi
Thobo Chauke
Moses Joburg Momalobi
Abraham Coetzee
Okee Okende
Royal Moroccan Panther
Harmy Drosky
Christiano Bobo
Fighters Inc
Reyaaz Ismail
Royal Moroccan Panther
Patrick Agundu
Royal Moroccan Panther
Khulekani Hlogwa
Reginald Mnguni
Sors Grobbelaar
Twin Brothers
Thierry Mukuna
Jeremy Scheepers
East London
Dieu Merci
Female Featherweight
Nuraan Noordien
Rushda Malik
Rozelle Mohammed
Young Guns PE
Princess Tladi
Johannesburg Momalodi
Mapula Shongwe
Johannesburg Momalodi

The Fight Structure
With the 3 x 2 minute rounds, only 20 Seconds on the Ground fans are ensured more energetic fights and fighters are discouraged from using stalling tactics. An elimination structure rather than match making is the foundation of the event which is geared up for high impact non-stop action and maximizes spectator entertainment. The first of its kind hexagon shaped ring allows for better spectator visuals.  

Last Fighter Standing Partnership with et.v
South Africa’s second largest broadcaster, has partnered with this new big budget Martial Arts and Combat Sport fights promotions company to broadcast a 12-part reality TV show as well as the finale being held on 15 October at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg which will be a two-hour live broadcast starting at 9:30pm.

South African Championship
2016 will culminate with the winners from the four qualifying city events facing off against each other in their particular weight divisions on 15 October where a winner in each division will be crowned the South African Champion.

Last Fighter Standing and Generosity Water
LFS is incredibly proud to have Generosity water as a sponsor because of what the company’s core values are. Generosity has helped provide clean drinking water to over 415 000 people around the world with 727 wells funded in over 19 countries.  

For more information visit
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Issued on behalf of Last Fighter Standing by Jam Media