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Our beloved MMA in 2014

2014 has brought MMA to another level in South Africa. We have seen some remarkable things take place this year. There were lows, but mostly highs! So with that, we end off our year and say farewell to 2014. 

With most MMA gyms closing shop for the festive season, many pro and amateur fighters are getting a break from what was an action packed 2014.

Throughout the year, we had some highlights and low lights. The most notable highlight had to be when EFC Africa went global.

Some of the sadder moments,was when 29 year old Booto Guylain passed away in hospital, few days after his fight at EFC 27, losing against Keron Davies. Guylain suffered from swelling and bleeding to the brain.

Lets take a look at some of the other talked about events this year.

With EFC Africa going global and now being seen in more then 100 countries, they are now known as EFC Worldwide. Peter Queally from Ireland became the 1st none African fighter to be signed by the new EFC.

Queally's 1st fight, was at EFC 3…

CFL08 Results

I said it last night and I'll say it again....there are no words to describe the night of fights we experienced at CFL08. You had to be there to feel it! It demanded to be felt! Each and every fighter put it all out there...on the line. From the under 45 kg to the heavy weights. And what a way to end off the night!!! Damn it was incredibly climatic! With the ever entertaining Devon Currer as the presenter.

Another attribute which really highlighted the evening for me was the presence of several EFC fighters showing their support for the up and coming fighters. Mmmmm wonder if they were checking out their future competition :) None the less we saw the likes of EFC heavy weight champion Brendon Groenewald. Up and coming light weight contender Luke Michael. I also saw Boney Bukaka, Knife Didier, Nathan Fredericks, Regis Muyambo, Sibusiso Mdoko, Chad Hepburn and Bruno Mukulu. And then former light heavy weight champ, Gideon Drotschie, turns out to be one of the refs. How cool is that!

EFC 36 Review

Intro to article: It’s always difficult trying to get out the reviews after the fights have taken place and it’s even more difficult if you have a full time job and this is your passion.

Quite recently I have been approached by another huge MMA fan who informed me that he would like to get his views out there. With that, I thought sure, let’s give it a shot. The below article is written by Vincencius Julies, who like me, is a huge fan of the sport and too has an opinion. We don’t all see things the same way. I gave him the go ahead to review EFC 36 for us. Here is what he had to say. Enjoy J
Unfortunately due to transmission failure out in Cape Gate Ster-Kinekor, we could not catch all the prelims. All those who you came to watch EFC 36 were enraged by this. So I decide to head home and catch the main event on DSTV. Thus, I am unable to give my thoughts on all the fights but will give you the results and my views on those I did get to watch J
Fight 1 – Alain Ilunga vs Conrad Seabi. Ilung…

Cape Fight League (CFL) 08

It’s the eighth edition of the Cape Fight League or as it is commonly known as, CFL08. Yesterday at the weigh-ins I could already see the anticipation on the faces of the fighters. While some of the fighters were signing in, others were having their medicals done. 

Many have been training for weeks and monitoring what their bodies consume. As we all know, cutting weight is the hardest part and dehydrating one’s body is often the worst part of cutting. Once the fighters finished their weigh-ins I saw all of them grabbing their bottles and chowing something.
As I have now come to learn about the amateur arena, many fighters do not pitch at the weigh ins because they do not feel ready or confident enough to enter the ring. Here is the breakdown of the fights taking place, with a few exceptions.
After the weigh-ins completed everyone headed for the door. I’m sure some food, sleep and game plan was all that was going through their heads. I however managed to speak to some of the fighters…

EFC 36 FREE at Ster-Kinekor

If there is one thing that I am certain about is that people love free things. So here is your chance to get in on the action. 

EFC along with Ster-Kinekor is giving away FREE tickets to EFC 36 at Ster-Kinekor. This is to say thank you to all the supporters and fans. All you have to do is contact Ticketline on 086 166 8437 to book your ticket.

If you are catching this at the cinema (as all of us in Cape Town will be doing) then you will get to see all 12 fights live, as they happen.

In Cape Town you can catch these fights at:

Cavendish Mall, Tygervalley Mall Cape Gate Mall.
See you there!

2014 SA Blog Awards

Hi all MMA friends, fans and fighters

MMAFundi has recently entered the 2014 SA Blog Awards. This Award shows tremendous credibility to bloggers. I need your assistance to take this one home! In the drive to grow the knowledge of our sport I ask you to show your support by voting for MMAFundi in the Sports Category.

On our blog site we have a badge on the top-right panel and all you need to do is click on it and say which category you chose to vote us in (sport).

There are no real prizes other than credentials for what the blog has accomplished. So cast your vote and be a part of the growth of MMA!
Damn! Don't I sound  like politician? LOL. Please vote MMAFundi

Tricore Fight Night 3

It was an epic night of fights and watching them for the 2nd and 3rd time made it so much more awesome to relive. On Saturday 15 November, Tricore hosted a fight night. This is essentially a platform for amateur fighters to show off their skills and gain experience. Though there were some disappointments with fighters not pitching . What the reasons are, I'm not aware but nothing was said either. This did however put some of the fighters down, but none the less, there will be a next time.

The fights were greatly matched up and some fighters proved to be more dominating than others. With a few KO's and TKO's the night was anything but boring. Fans were thoroughly enjoying themselves and you could hear by the chants and roars of the crowd. Here are the fight results.

Fight Category Match Up Results Fight 1 Boxing Jean Claude Dixon (PFC) vs. Anzel Slimmert (Matzikama Fight Club) Jean Claude Dixon 
wins Fight 2 K1 Kameelah Hoorzook (Rays Muay Thai) vs. Rahima Noordien (Rays Muay Thai) …