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What is Shadow Boxing and what is its purpose?

I have always wondered what was so fascinating with fighting with yourself. You know, on a Friday night after one-too many drinks and that guy is walking down the road swearing and punching the air. I thought they were crazy, but then I learnt these guys were actually shadow boxing! No? Well I guess it’s not quite the same thing.

My coach has recently put quite a bit of emphasis on shadow boxing and explained in short that shadow boxing helps with building technique and muscle memory, and I was like “WOW! For real?” It also helps you when punching or kicking an opponent and you miss. Your body gets used to this and you won’t get so tired, so quickly. Well I decided to read up on it and gain some more knowledge on the subject.

So what exactly is Shadow Boxing? OK, in laments terms, shadow boxing is when a fighter moves around by himself while throwing punches and kicks to the air (also, bobbing and weaving to avoid punches). So even though, those guys on a Friday night were not shadow bo…

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It’s been 3 months since I last trained so heading back to the gym was a schlep. My first day back the team went for a jog and I lasted all of 10 minutes before my legs started cramping and I was gasping for air, and all this while taking regular walking breaks. “Damn, I gotta catch my breath”. This absolutely sucked, but it was a start none the less. 
I actually hate starting from over. When you have set yourself at such a pace and then BAMMMM, life happens.

About 3 months ago, I was in a car accident and suffered from severe whiplash. 2 weeks later I started getting these intense headaches and this went on for 3 weeks straight! Yip, I’m not shitting you. For 3 weeks straight I had intense headaches. After seeing several doctors I eventually got a doctor that got me sorted. The first thing I asked him was, “Doctor, when can I start training again?” He said I should wait at least 2 – 4 weeks for recovery and only then can I start training again.

All in all, it’s been about 3 months and …

October SA Media MMA Rankings

It is the second SA MMA rankings and it is an honour for MMAFundi to be a part of this. Many hours have gone into deciding who are the top five contenders in each weight class and who is the overall top five POUND 4 POUND fighters in the EFC to date.
Looking at the stats of each fighter is quite a tedious process, but in order for the best possible outcome this is much needed.
Here are the rankings according to weight class.
Bantam Weight

Demarte Pena currently holds the Bantam Weight championship title. He has a perfect record of 10 wins and no losses.
Feather Weight

Boyd Allen currently holds the Feather Weight title. With 11 fights behind his name, and only 2 of them losses (and 1 draw), he certainly is a force to be reckoned with in the Feather Weight division.

Light Weight

Leon Mynhardt currently holds the Light Weight title. He boasts a 4 fight win streak and has already defended the title 3 consecutive times successfully

Welter Weight
Adam Speechly currently holds the Welter Weig…


Congratulations to DEAN HESS from Westgate, Mitchell's Plain who won the Takedown MMA Voucher Competition. You voucher will be delivered to you soon.

Thanks to all those who entered. Keep your eyes peeled for our new competition coming soooon! Osu!

SA MMA Rankings have now been compiled. I'm anxiously waiting to see what the new scores look like.

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COMPETITION!  Hey MMAFundi fans. We are having a give away where the lucky winner will get a 1 month FREE training voucher from TAKEDOWN MMA. In order for you to qualify for this awesome prize, all you need to do is the following: 1. Like the Facebook page (
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EFC 34 Post fight review : Mynhardt vs Mdoko

Aaaaaaaaand STILL!! The undisputed EFC Light Weight Champion! Leon! The Iron Lion! Mynardt! What an epic battle!!! What a main event, and what total dominance displayed by the champ. Feeling his way through the first few minutes of the first round and then BOOM!
An exceptional performance from the champ. As mentioned by the commentators, with every round Mynardt becomes more confident, and it showed. Picking his shots carefully. Setting up every punch with a crisp jab.
Mdoko was doing his best to avoid getting punched and responding with punches and kicks but it was not good enough for the champ. Mynardt showed pure dominance from the beginning.
A few times Mdoko tried to take Mynardt down but with not much success. At one point He headed for the single leg and Mynardt slipped it away like he was merely taking a step back.
I thought the ref was going to stop the match at several times when Mynardt was hammer fisting Mdoko and not a lot of defense was shown on Mdoko’s side, but he surv…

Interview with Gary Barrett and Josh Light

The world of MMA is rapidly growing. FACT! And along with it, we have many icons growing with it. Leaders of the sport, so to say. People who have trained in various forms of martial arts and combat.
One such person is Gary Barrett. With more than 25 years experience in combat sport he truly is a modern day pioneer.
We recently had the privilege of visiting his gym (Takedown MMA) to have a chat with him as well as one of his up and coming fighters, Josh Light.

Interviewed by Justin Smith
Posted by MMAFundi