EFC 34 Post fight review : Mynhardt vs Mdoko

Aaaaaaaaand STILL!! The undisputed EFC Light Weight Champion! Leon! The Iron Lion! Mynardt! What an epic battle!!! What a main event, and what total dominance displayed by the champ. Feeling his way through the first few minutes of the first round and then BOOM!

An exceptional performance from the champ. As mentioned by the commentators, with every round Mynardt becomes more confident, and it showed. Picking his shots carefully. Setting up every punch with a crisp jab.

Mdoko was doing his best to avoid getting punched and responding with punches and kicks but it was not good enough for the champ. Mynardt showed pure dominance from the beginning.

A few times Mdoko tried to take Mynardt down but with not much success. At one point He headed for the single leg and Mynardt slipped it away like he was merely taking a step back.

I thought the ref was going to stop the match at several times when Mynardt was hammer fisting Mdoko and not a lot of defense was shown on Mdoko’s side, but he survived and got out.

Mdoko was backing up most of the time. After a few shots from Mynardt, it seems as though Mdoko was “broken”. And as we know, once you are broken inside the cage, it’s all downhill from there.

I was surprised at the way Mynardt got ahold of Mdoko’s neck, setting it up for the rear naked choke. It was quite an awkward angle, but he grabbed it, rolled onto his back and as perfect as a rear naked choke could be, it was. 

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