October SA Media MMA Rankings

It is the second SA MMA rankings and it is an honour for MMAFundi to be a part of this. Many hours have gone into deciding who are the top five contenders in each weight class and who is the overall top five POUND 4 POUND fighters in the EFC to date.

Looking at the stats of each fighter is quite a tedious process, but in order for the best possible outcome this is much needed.

Here are the rankings according to weight class.

Bantam Weight

Demarte Pena currently holds the Bantam Weight championship title. He has a perfect record of 10 wins and no losses.
Feather Weight

Boyd Allen currently holds the Feather Weight title. With 11 fights behind his name, and only 2 of them losses (and 1 draw), he certainly is a force to be reckoned with in the Feather Weight division.

Light Weight

Leon Mynhardt currently holds the Light Weight title. He boasts a 4 fight win streak and has already defended the title 3 consecutive times successfully

                                                                      Welter Weight

Adam Speechly currently holds the Welter Weight title. This is the second time he is holding the title. 

                                                                       Middle Weight

Garreth Mclellan currently holds the Middle Weight title. He is on a 6 fight win streak and is also holding the belt for the second time. 

Light Heavy Weight

Gideon Drotschie currently holds the Light Heavy Weight title. He has a perfect record of 5 wins (4 in the EFC) and no losses. 

Heavy Weight

Currently the title is vacant, but at EFC 35 there will be a definite champion when Andrew Van Zyl vs Brendon Groenewald. The title was left vacant when undefeated EFC Heavy Weight champion Ruan Potts left the EFC to fight in the UFC Heavy Weight division.

Here are the EFC's POUND 4 POUND top five fighters as ranked by the media.


The Ranking Contributors:
·       LW Mag                           – Twitter: @LW_Mag
·       MMAFundi                      – Twitter: @MMAFundi
·       MMA Talk                       – Twitter: @TalkingMMA
·       CageSide                          – Twitter: @CageSideSA
·       MMAGang                      – Twitter: @MMAGang
·       Muay Guy                        – Twitter: @MuayGuyBlog
·       PrettyTuffZa                    – Twitter: @PrettyTuffZA
·       Smacktalk                        – Twitter: @Smacktalkcoza
·       MMA Blog South Africa – Twitter: @MMABlogSA

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