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2014 SA Blog Awards

Hi all MMA friends, fans and fighters

MMAFundi has recently entered the 2014 SA Blog Awards. This Award shows tremendous credibility to bloggers. I need your assistance to take this one home! In the drive to grow the knowledge of our sport I ask you to show your support by voting for MMAFundi in the Sports Category.

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There are no real prizes other than credentials for what the blog has accomplished. So cast your vote and be a part of the growth of MMA!
Damn! Don't I sound  like politician? LOL. Please vote MMAFundi

Tricore Fight Night 3

It was an epic night of fights and watching them for the 2nd and 3rd time made it so much more awesome to relive. On Saturday 15 November, Tricore hosted a fight night. This is essentially a platform for amateur fighters to show off their skills and gain experience. Though there were some disappointments with fighters not pitching . What the reasons are, I'm not aware but nothing was said either. This did however put some of the fighters down, but none the less, there will be a next time.

The fights were greatly matched up and some fighters proved to be more dominating than others. With a few KO's and TKO's the night was anything but boring. Fans were thoroughly enjoying themselves and you could hear by the chants and roars of the crowd. Here are the fight results.

Fight Category Match Up Results Fight 1 Boxing Jean Claude Dixon (PFC) vs. Anzel Slimmert (Matzikama Fight Club) Jean Claude Dixon 
wins Fight 2 K1 Kameelah Hoorzook (Rays Muay Thai) vs. Rahima Noordien (Rays Muay Thai) …

Tricore Fight Night Weigh Ins

Its Tricore Fight Night and fighters are looking forward stepping in the cage and ring. With various fighting arts such as boxing, MMA and K1 it is promised to be an auspicious event. Yesterday I spoke to some of the fighters after they checked in at the weigh ins and had their medicals done. As you will soon see, they are calm on the surface but deep down they are burning up. Now, I know this because what happens behind the camera speaks a lot more than what happens in front of it. So I guess you will either have to take my word for it or show up at Tricore in Brackenfell tonight to witness it for yourself.

There are fighters from all ages, different backgrounds and different gyms. Some of the gyms represented are, of course, Tricore who is hosting the event, Lethal Edge MMA, Panthers Fighting Arts, Takedown MMA, PFC and Ray's Gym. As we know, there are also rivalries among fighters but will they be facing each other tonight? Mmmmm, lets see.

Here's some of the fighters I cau…

MMA SA PRO has released the EFC 35 Post Event Review


Post event medical suspensions
Chad Hepburn: 14 days medical suspension with no contact due to hematoma.

Tyron Bester: 30 days medical suspension with no contact for 15 days due to TKO.

Luke Michaels: Indefinite medical suspension until cleared by a doctor and x-rays for a possible

Regis Muyambo: 30 days medical suspension with no contact for 15 days due to TKO.

Elvis Moyo: 14 days cautionary medical suspension due to soft tissue swelling.

Danie van Heerden: Indefinite medical suspension until cleared by an orthopaedic surgeon and x-ray.

Christophe Walravens: 45 days medical suspension with no contact for 30 days due to TKO and concussion.

Gideon Drotschie: 14 days medical suspension due to lacerations.

Post event disciplinary action
Pupanga Tresor
Financially penalised R1000.00 for unsportsmanlike conduct due to him and his supports’ behaviour post fight. He has been given a warning.

Shaun de Lange
Financially penalised R1000.00 for hi…

EFC 35 : Cage Side

It's been a week already since EFC 35 but still talks about the event are hovering in the air. The wins, the loses, the blood and gore, the disappointments, the controversial decisions and of coarse the TITLES! Booom!

Last Thursday was definitely one of the MOST awesome nights of my life! EVER! To be able to watch those fights from #cageside is truly unexplainable. So with this, I will try my best to explain :)

Twelve brilliant fights on the fight card. From start to finish. The atmosphere was ablaze with fans screaming and cheering. I can still hear the roars overwhelming my eardrums. But let's go back one day to the weigh-ins. What's cool about being at these events is that you get to see what others don't see (or hear) on the screen. I ran in to Shaun de Lange and I asked him if he was ready, he was just done weighing in and responded by saying that he just had the easiest weight cut in his life! He only had to lose 2 kg to make weight, which he did effortlessly. I…

Luke Michael speaks EFC 35, Regis Muyambo and Sponsors

At the open workout we ran into Luke "Young Guns" Michael who will be facing Regis Muyambo at EFC 35. He gave us some insight on his training camp for EFC 35 and also spoke about his sponsors.

Check it out.


Congratulations to Stephen Bryan who is the winner of our EFC 35 double tickets give away. Your tickets are on its way to you!

Thanks to all those who have entered. Do not despair as there are more to come!
Keep your eye on the prize. See you all at #EFC35 this Thursday at #GrandWest #GrandArena

EFC 35 : Brendon Groenewald chills with fans and friends at Riot Factory

It's fight week!!!!  EFC 35 is at our door step. I can literally smell the tension in the air (breathe in....aahhhhhh).

It's a crazy busy week for the fighters and everyone is focused on the goal. WINNING their fight at EFC 35. Amidst all this, Brendon Groenewald still took the time to hang out with friends and fans at Riot Factory brew bar in Woodstock last Friday 31 October.

He was also kind enough to share his thoughts on his up and coming title fight against Christophe Walravens. Here's what he had to say.