EFC 35 : Cage Side

It's been a week already since EFC 35 but still talks about the event are hovering in the air. The wins, the loses, the blood and gore, the disappointments, the controversial decisions and of coarse the TITLES! Booom!

Last Thursday was definitely one of the MOST awesome nights of my life! EVER! To be able to watch those fights from #cageside is truly unexplainable. So with this, I will try my best to explain :)

Twelve brilliant fights on the fight card. From start to finish. The atmosphere was ablaze with fans screaming and cheering. I can still hear the roars overwhelming my eardrums. But let's go back one day to the weigh-ins. What's cool about being at these events is that you get to see what others don't see (or hear) on the screen. I ran in to Shaun de Lange and I asked him if he was ready, he was just done weighing in and responded by saying that he just had the easiest weight cut in his life! He only had to lose 2 kg to make weight, which he did effortlessly. I knew it was on.

Allen van Vuuren and Shaun "The Kid" de Lange 
While standing in the crowd, I looked up and saw Norman "Chef" Wessels just a few feet away, He had just come from his stare down with Gideon "Juggernaut" Drotschie. He had this rage in his eyes, clenched his fist tight, and let out a growl that made me tremble...just a bit :)
Norman "Chef" Wessels 
The room was filled with fans and fighters all taking pics. I saw Irshaad Sayed sitting afar and approached with caution as you never know when the White Tiger might bite! Asked him if I could take a pic with him and he stood up, smiled and said "no problem".

Irshaad "White Tiger" Sayed
Already with all the flair and tension in the room I was pumped and could not wait for EFC 35 to kick off.

So on fight day, I found myself rushing from work and trying to get there on time. Running around looking where to get my media pass. I got inside just as the 1st match started. The night has officially started.

1. First up it was Sydney Mokgolo vs Chad Hepburn. These guys went all 3 rounds. However, Mokgolo was dominating most of the fight and ended up winning by Slip Decision and leaving Hepburn with a nasty haematoma. A win here was imperative as both fighters came from a long line of losses.

2. Nyide vs Bukaka. Nyide was very dominating in this fight, and even though it went all 3 rounds, Nyide won by Unanimous Decision.

3. Tresor vs Bester. Tresor won by KO. Didn't look like Bester stood a chance against the power he brought.

4. Mailer vs Mnikathi. Mnikathi won by Split Decision.

5. Then we saw Luke "Young Guns" Michael vs Regis Muyambo. Now, I'm pretty sure you did not know this but Michael was considered the under dog going into the fight. Many folks actually thought Muyambo was gonna take this one home but Michael set every doubtful mind at ease when finishing Muyambo in the 3rd round by TKO, and convincingly at that. Thus proving to everyone that he is here to do his job and a serious contender.

6. Didier vs Moyo. Clash of the heavy weights. Even though Didier gave Moyo a lovely swollen eye, that did not stop Moyo from dominating and winning the fight by Unanimous Decision.

7. Dalcha vs Van Heerden. Dalcha completed dominated his opponent from the go. He took the win by Unanimous decision.

8. De Lange vs Mukulu. Now, I have so much to say about this fight. 3 rounds that clearly was dominated by de Lange, or in his words, at least the 1st and the 3rd. With the controversial outcome of the results, many took to social media. Even the EFC president said "I don't know what the hell happened there", but my favourite being....

There was word that the fight results was appealed and that it would but over turned but this was cleared up by EFC president, Cairo Howarth. The judges decision was final and that even though it was a shocker, what's done is done. However, for someone to score the fight 30/27 in favour of Mukulu??? mmmmmm...is really questionable. Hopefully this individual was dealt with accordingly #justsaying. De Lange does however see himself facing his next opponent early in 2015. Who it is? I am not at liberty to say :) Of coarse, untill contracts have been drawn up.

9. Kabulu vs Queally. Lovely display of dominance showed by Queally and proving to South Africa that he rightfully deserves a spot in the top 5. Well at least that is my opinion. Queally won the fight by Unanimous Decision.

10. Sayed vs Hassan. I don't have much to say about this. Sayed won by Unanimous Decision. Then again, I don't need to say much. Sayed said it all in the cage. And what surprised me....nah this didn't surprise me at all. Sayed has been given a shot at the title. So Pena's next opponent (taking in consideration there will be no injuries) will definitely be Sayed. 

11. Walravens vs B. Groenewald. Groenewald wins SPECTACULARLY in only 2 mins 57 secs of the very 1st round by TKO. After being rocked by Walravens in the beginning of the round (stumbling) Groenewald came back and demolished Walravens to reign victorious and lay claim to the vacant Heavy Weight title, which now is no longer vacant. Next up, Andrew van Zyl will be facing Groenewald. Will he be able to with hold the force that van Zyl brings? We will have to wait and see.

12. Finally! The most anticipated fight of the evening, which was also the most upsetting. Drotschie vs Wessels. For 3 rounds Wessels laid on Drotschie and smothered him. Good strategy and brilliantly executed. Drotschie had no answer for Wessels. However, the upset came when Drotschie got a cut in the head and as we now know, it was NOT from any elbow that Wessels through. We can see it in this video below (or check out this link Gideon EFC35). None the less, Wessels dominated and handed Drotschie's his first loss inside the cage. Wessels is now the new EFC Light Heavy Weight champion. 

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