Cape Fight League (CFL) 08

It’s the eighth edition of the Cape Fight League or as it is commonly known as, CFL08. Yesterday at the weigh-ins I could already see the anticipation on the faces of the fighters. While some of the fighters were signing in, others were having their medicals done. 

Many have been training for weeks and monitoring what their bodies consume. As we all know, cutting weight is the hardest part and dehydrating one’s body is often the worst part of cutting. Once the fighters finished their weigh-ins I saw all of them grabbing their bottles and chowing something.

As I have now come to learn about the amateur arena, many fighters do not pitch at the weigh ins because they do not feel ready or confident enough to enter the ring. Here is the breakdown of the fights taking place, with a few exceptions.

After the weigh-ins completed everyone headed for the door. I’m sure some food, sleep and game plan was all that was going through their heads. I however managed to speak to some of the fighters before they could get to the door.

Josh Light
Justin Smith: I’m here with Josh Light who will be defending his title fight at CFL08 tomorrow.  Josh, tell us what your training camp was like.
Josh Light: I don’t really have a training camp. I train, I don’t stop. I train 6 days a week, have one rest day and that’s as much rest as I get. Sitting at the weigh-ins now, for me the hardest part of the fight is cutting weight. I cut about 7kg’s in this weight cut. I felt quite drained today and feel fat and happy now lol (after having eaten).
Justin Smith: For tomorrow. How do you feel about your opponent? After all, you are defending your title.
Josh Light: I don’t go into a fight thinking I might lose. I go into every fight thinking I’m going to win.  I feel a bit bad for him because it happens to be his birthday today but it’s just gotta happen. He’s going to lose.

Max Moleke
Justin Smith: I’m with Max Moleke who has just finished weigh-in and he’s having an energy drink lol. Max how do you feel?
Max Moleke: I’m feeling great! Nice, strong to defeat my opponent.
Justin Smith: Do you know anything about your opponent?
Max Moleke: No
Justin Smith: Does it matter?
Max Moleke: No it doesn’t matter, because I’m ready.
Justin Smith: So for tomorrow, what are your thoughts for the fight? How are you going in?
Max Moleke: I’m going in to take him down and beat him on the floor.
Justin Smith: Thanks Max and all the best for tomorrow.

Ashley Robertson
Justin Smith: I’m with Ashley Robertson just after weighing in. He’s fighting for the under 75kg title. Ashley how does it feel now that the weigh ins is over and the weight cut is done?
Ashley Robertson: Well all I can say is it’s been a rough and tough ride by dropping all this weight. It was a short notice call and I had two weeks to drop like 11kg’s but in the end it was all worth it. So now I’m underweight at 72kg’s but I feel good, I’m ready, I’m amped for tomorrow and I can’t wait to get in the ring again.
Justin Smith: What is your perspective on the fight tomorrow? How are you going in to this?
Ashley Robertson: Well the reason I’m going in to this fight is because I want the experience and I want to prove myself worthy of this title. I’ve been waiting for this title fight. I’m going in there to show my skills and what I have learnt over this past few weeks.
Justin Smith: Anything on your opponent? How do feel about him?
Ashley Robertson: All I can say is, whoever you fight, whenever you fight…it’s an obstacle. There’s no time for fear. You can’t be negative about your opponent, it doesn’t matter how mean or how strong he looks. At the end of the day, you still have to fight him so you just have to start off positive and be cool about it. I’m going in positive and just to have fun.
Justin Smith: Thank you so much and all the best for tomorrow.
Ashley Robertson: Thanks my man.

 Antonio Fabing
Justin Smith: Antonio, how do you feel now that the weight cutting is over and you’ve done the weigh-in?
Antonio Fabing: I just drank now, so I’m still rehydrating. My body feels relieved now lol.
Justin Smith: Will this be your third or fourth fight?
Antonio Fabing: This will be my fourth fight but it will be my first pro-am fight
Justin Smith: How do you feel about this pro-am fight?
Antonio Fabing: I feel ready, confident. It’s about time for my transition to pro-am.
Justin Smith: So you’re actually looking forward to this.
Antonio Fabing: Yes, quite a lot.
Justin Smith: What’s your mind set like going into this fight?
Antonio Fabing: I’m quite calm. Whatever comes, whatever happens, I’ll go with the flow and see from there. You can’t make any predictions because the fight can go either way. Let’s see tomorrow.
Justin Smith: Thank you so much and all the best for tomorrow.
Antonio Fabing: See you.

Sylvestar Chipfumbu
Justin Smith: I’m here with Mr Chipfumbu and the weigh-ins are done. The guy looks very relaxed lol, I have to say. What was you camp like for this fight?
Sylvestar Chipfumbu: Same old thing but a bit more ground work since I lost my last fight on the ground, so we’ve been working on the ground. Maintaining top mount and avoiding triangles.
Justin Smith: Awesome. How prepared are you for tomorrows fight?
Sylvestar Chipfumbu: I’m ready, more than ready. I was born ready. I just wanna knock him out in the first round.
Justin Smith: Thank you so much and good luck for tomorrow.
Sylvestar Chipfumbu:  Thanks.

Armand Scheepers
Justin Smith: Ek is hier met Armand Scheepers. Armand van watter gym is jy?
Armand Scheepers:  Ek is van Zebra MMA, in Worcester. Ja.
Justin Smith: En more se geveg is vir die…
Armand Scheepers:  Light Weight Title
Justin Smith: (and then my Afrikaans dried up) So you are fighting Josh Light for the title. Tell me, how do you feel, how does your body feel?
Armand Scheepers:  At the moment full but ya, I feel strong, 100%. Stronger than ever. Faster than ever. Best shape of my life. All I can say is, it’s GO TIME tomorrow lol.
Justin Smith: What is your game plan going in there tomorrow?
Armand Scheepers:  My game plan for tomorrow is all rounded. I want to stand and bang. I want to take him down. I want to do my best. I want to go the distance. I want to drown him in my pace.
Justin Smith: Brilliant. All the best for tomorrow,
Armand Scheepers:  Thank you man.

Best of luck to all the fighters. Osu!
Check out the FB gallery: CFL08 Weigh-Ins

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