EFC 36 Review

Intro to article: It’s always difficult trying to get out the reviews after the fights have taken place and it’s even more difficult if you have a full time job and this is your passion.

Quite recently I have been approached by another huge MMA fan who informed me that he would like to get his views out there. With that, I thought sure, let’s give it a shot. The below article is written by Vincencius Julies, who like me, is a huge fan of the sport and too has an opinion. We don’t all see things the same way. I gave him the go ahead to review EFC 36 for us. Here is what he had to say. Enjoy J

Unfortunately due to transmission failure out in Cape Gate Ster-Kinekor, we could not catch all the prelims. All those who you came to watch EFC 36 were enraged by this. So I decide to head home and catch the main event on DSTV. Thus, I am unable to give my thoughts on all the fights but will give you the results and my views on those I did get to watch J

Fight 1 – Alain Ilunga vs Conrad Seabi. Ilunga won.
Fight 2 – Pietie Coxen vs Cameron Pritchard. Pritchard won.
Fight 3 – Koba Iokobidze vs Kanyeba Anicet. Iokobidze won. (It’s my understanding that Anicet took this fight on short notice.)

Fight 4 - Mthobisi Buthelezi vs Tshilomba Mulumba. I think this should’ve been fight of the night. It was a very exciting fight. Both athletes really did the #smacktalk in the hex with their skills...that sells better than guys chirping on social media and not performing in the hex were it actually counts. Mulumba has been doing well since his EFC debut, win or lose. I thought he would be too much for the debutant Buthelezi but the experienced K1 fighter really kept us entertained with slick striking. Credit to Mulumba who never backed down. He stood toe2toe with Buthelezi and showed why he’s an athlete to keep an eye on. Buthelezi won the fight via split decision. If new talent works on his wrestling and Jits, he will go straight to the top of this division.

Fight 5 – Ian Visser vs Charl Hurter. This is a catch weight bout at 89kg. At least these two athletes can give some depth to the thin LH (light heavy weight) division. It wasn’t a bad fight, with glimpses of what both can do but Hurter took it via RNC ( rear naked choke ). 

Fight 6 – Michael Vermeulen vs Sors Grobbelaar. It was really exciting to see the big men and of course, the return of the former number one contender Grobbelaar. This bout didn’t last long. Vermeulen dominated Grobbelaar with his heavy hands and explosive pace, and eagerness to finish fights. A win is a win! Grobbelaar will be back and as Capetonians we would love to see him fight in Cape Town next year. Vermeulen won via TKO (technical knockout).

Fight 7 – Gareth Sawyer vs Warren Allison. Allison showed why Chris Bright is one of the best trainers and athletes in SA. Pity he’s not in EFC. Allison, a top middle weight, dominated proceedings and ended it with KO (knockout) of the night. Watch out middle weights, this man isn’t just a submission artist.
Fight 8 - Oumpie Sebeko vs Marino Cutendana. I thought that Sebeko would dominate this fight and be too much for the wolfs countrymen but as Demarte surprised most of us, Cutendana surprised me and won via a submission triangle choke. Well done Cutendana.

Fight 9 – Nkazimulo Zulu vs Francois Groenewald. This was an interesting fight on paper but I gave it to Zulu from the day of the announcement. Everyone knew Zulu would dominate with his stand up but that F. Groenewald had a chance because of his slick Jits. To my surprise Groenewald tried to stand with Zulu but Zulu was just more skilled on his feet. Credit to F. Groenewald who didn’t back down an inch on his feet. There were a few times it seemed that Franaconda was gonna submit Zulu but with his strength and will power, Zulu got out of danger. At the end the stand-up of Zulu was just too much. Zulu won via unanimous decision.

Fight 10 - Igeu Kabesa vs Barend Nienaber. Kabesa was always going to dominate on the mat but this impressive young man decided to stand with Nienaber. It’s just amazing how FFM develop their athletes into all round fighters. The 19 year old kept it standing for most of the bout. He won by unanimous decision.

Fight 11 – Dino Bagattin vs Gordon Roodman. Well I’ve been asked  by Justin ( who runs the site) to cover this event. Firstly, I’m no expert or athlete I’m just a fan who likes the sport. You can interpret it as a keyboard warrior or whatever makes u happy. I’m just a fan who’s giving his twisted views on fights in EFC. This fight was about most the wanted-to-see because Roodman and Bagattin hyped it on social media. As a fan I enjoy hype, it sells tickets which is good for business but athletes needs to hype fights in the hexagon where it counts. For the promotion, their career and the fans...rage is a real gamer to watch because he really throws punches to entertain his fans. Every punch he wants to KO his opponent. Round 1 started slow with Rage trying to KO the Lion with every punch and the Lion finding his feet, after being out for a while since his title fight. Round 2 started with a move where Rage and all the fans thought Lion offered him his left glove to touch but the Lion punched Roodman with his right hand as Rage wanted to be a sportsman and acknowledge the Lions offer of respect for one another and respect to fans and saying lets entertain. Sneaky and sad. I’m glad we had this situation because this can put the unexpecting opponent on the receiving end of a loss. So athletes need to be witty about touching gloves. All’s well that ends well. Both athletes were fit and tried to KO each other...but the Lion was just a bit too classy for Rage and won via TKO. Rage contested the stoppage but we must remember the Ref’s got a job to do and it’s a tough job

Fight 12 – Boyd Allen vs Wade Groth. Firstly, congratulations to Allen and team FFM for making 100%sure their athletes are always ready to go and compete. Meaning, they train in all aspects of MMA. Other gyms can learn from this family. Damn I’m jealous, cause I support guys in CPT. I’m a Groth fan but there’s not much I can say about this bout other than the moment might have been too much for Groth, and Allen was just better prepared. Yes I’m biased...Round 1 seemed to be good as both athlete’s clipped each other but Allen won via RNC.

Congrats to EFC, all athletes and the staff behind the scenes who kept us as MMA fans entertained in SA. We are looking forward to a 2015 full of MMA!

Article by Vincencius Julius
Edited by Justin Smith

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