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Stellenbosch University Tygerberg Campus - First Dose of Self Defense

"In war there are no winners, only survivors"

When you find yourself in a sticky situation....or rather, when you find yourself being attacked by an armed criminal, what do you do?
Recently students of Stellenbosch University Tygerberg Campus were posed with this question. What do you do when you are being attacked by an assailant. Run! As fast as you can would be the answer of choice but sometimes you do not always have this choice. Sometimes you need stand and fight. Or at least defend yourself. 
Sensei Dean "Stormforce" Johnson of Lethal Edge MMA gave an introductory class of Self Defense to some of the students. He demonstrated basic tactics that did not require a lot of strength...or any strength for that matter. The only thing you needed to know was what do if you find yourself in a situation where you are approached by an attacker. 
The students found it very interesting to see some of the simple moves you could do to disarm a gunned assailant. For the women…

Danella Eliasov, as Tough as They Come

With EFC 37 fast approaching, we are set for some amazing fights. Leon Mynhardt faces Don Madge for the third time, Adam Seechly vs David Buirski. But the most anticipating fight, has to be Danella Eliasov vs Zita Varju. The first female bout for EFC worldwide.
I had the pleasure of interviewing one of these tough ladies, local girl, Danella Eliasov. How were you introduced to MMA? I did boxing and muay thai on and off over the years for fun . In 2009 I was introduced to jiu jitsu and started taking my training more seriously. I then transitioned to MMA and had my 1st fight in 2010.
Who has made the biggest impact on your MMA career? My coaches and training partners.I owe my MMA career to their support and guidance. Wikus Swart, Liam Cleland, Gert Strydom and Daul de Vos have been there for me during this camp as coaches and friends. Nathan Raaths and Rory Diesel coached me for my first fight and were both instrumental in building my career. I owe these guys so much.
As a female fighter, yo…

Zita Varju debuting at EFC 37

The time has finally arrived for women to get into the hexagon. EFC World Wide has opened its “gates” to women and at EFC 37 history will be made. Two of the species finest specimen will be facing off on the 21st of February in Johannesburg at Carnival City.

One of the fighters entering the cage is Zita Varju. Though preparing intensely for her up and coming debut, Varju took some time out of her preparation to answer some questions we had for her.
For the fans out there, give us some background info about yourself. Who is Zita Varju and where is she from?
Varju: Hi! I live in the heart of Budapest, Hungary in a small housing estate being named Glorieta. I am 21 years old and my friends call me Tinky. Do you remember the Ace Ventura When Nature Calls in Part 2? I got this name from the black crow spoken. I love to fool around and I'm trying to make people laugh. I love the girly things, but there are many properties that reminds me of the boy.
Which gym are you training out of and …

Jonathan Bossenger and Infinitus Jiu Jitsu

Welcome 2015!! Already the year has presented us with so much new ventures. Female fighters joining EFC! (Boooom! That's what I'm talking about.) And Connor McGregor saying that he will be Vice President of the UFC! #hahaha.

Since I have been working throughout the holidays things have been kind of linear for me. From last year, straight into this year without a break. I have been thinking about how to start off the year and with that in mind, I would like to introduce you introduce to Jonathan Bossenger.

Now, MMA as we know is a combat sport that uses striking and grappling techniques. Although many of us are familiar with striking, not so many know what grappling entails (strangely enough).

Recently I visited Infinitus Jiu Jitsu. This Jui Jitsu academy is located in Durbanville, Western Cape run by head coach and owner Jonathan Bossenger. Bossenger has been training with James Smart at GJJ CT (Gracie Jiu Jitsu Cape Town) since 2008 and is currently a purple belt. One of the …