Zita Varju debuting at EFC 37

The time has finally arrived for women to get into the hexagon. EFC World Wide has opened its “gates” to women and at EFC 37 history will be made. Two of the species finest specimen will be facing off on the 21st of February in Johannesburg at Carnival City.

One of the fighters entering the cage is Zita Varju. Though preparing intensely for her up and coming debut, Varju took some time out of her preparation to answer some questions we had for her.

For the fans out there, give us some background info about yourself. Who is Zita Varju and where is she from?
Varju: Hi! I live in the heart of Budapest, Hungary in a small housing estate being named Glorieta. I am 21 years old and my friends call me Tinky. Do you remember the Ace Ventura When Nature Calls in Part 2? I got this name from the black crow spoken. I love to fool around and I'm trying to make people laugh. I love the girly things, but there are many properties that reminds me of the boy.

Which gym are you training out of and where is it located?
 I train in many places. Wrestling & MMA: Bardosi Martial Arts Academy Coach: Sandor Bárdosi Olympic athlete , BJJ: Carlson Gracie Coach: Mihály Sztraka, Standing fight: LACZ-KO Sport Academy Coach: Lálszló Rácz, Power: Training for Warrior system coach Csaba Ágh

You look like you could be a model, why have you chosen a career in MMA?
I'm a girly girl but very feisty and hard. I like danger. I had an extreme sport. I think the mixed martial arts teachers hurt (push) me to reach my goals and dreams...

Since the EFC has mentioned the opening of the women's division there has been some negative comments by some of the fans. How do you feel about this?
I expected it but I hope the women's division EFC fight fans will all change. They will see two beautiful women who clash hard in the cage.

You have fought pro before but lost that fight. Does that add any pressure to your debut at EFC?
Varju: Absolutely no! I'm studying for my mistakes and I'm ready for the next fight.

Other than your pro fight, where else have you fought and do you hold any accolades?
FILA National Champion: Gi Submisson & Grappling style 

In any sport it’s always important to have a support structure. Who are the people behind Zita Varju?
My family, my team, but most of all, my best friend Dora Perjes.

What do you know about your opponent that you are facing at EFC 37?
My opponent is good ground fighter, making good progress in the preparation, I think it will be a good match, I'm going to win in Johannesburg.

Are there any thoughts you would like to share on your up and coming fight with Danella Eliasov?
I wish you injury-free preparation?

Once again thank you for your time and all the best with your debut at EFC 37.

Zita Varju after signing her EFC contract

I’m not sure about you guys out there but I definitely can’t wait to see this fight go down J

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