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EFC 37: Zita Varju vs Danelle Eliasov

I want to start off by saying to the EFC that this should have been on the main card. Myself, along with all the fans I’ve been in contact with over the past weekend feel the same. This was supposed to be history in the making and for it to have so little publicity was actually a spoiler. But enough on the poor decisions of the EFC and let’s talk about how amazingly these ladies performed.

I was captivated by the way Varju came out and just started throwing those punches at Eliasov. Feisty. Even though it might not have been the best strategy (since she didn't know her opponent that well) to follow, it was great entertainment.
Eliasov on the other hand, was faced with this rain of punches. Which I’m sure she didn't expect. They then tumbled to the ground where most of the fight took place.
Eliasov handled herself very well here and managed to take the top position where she showed pure domination. Keeping her head close to Varju’s chest to avoid any punches or at least make it …

Chris Bright : Journey to the Black Belt

I recently caught up with Chris Bright who has just received his black belt grading in Jiu Jitsu. Chris is one of South Africa's icons when it comes to the art of combative sport. He is also the owner of Port Elizabeth Submission Fighting Academy (aka PESFA) and trains pro athletes such as Cameron Pritchard and Warren Allison who both participate in EFC World Wide.

So I wanted to know from Chris what his journey was like to getting the black belt, which I'm sure you all know is not an easy thing. Here's what he had to say.

Chris Bright : Journey to the Black Belt
I found BJJ purely by accident, it was never my intention to formalize what we did to conform with one style or another to be honest. Initially it was really only about utilizing techniques that worked for MMA and eventually the parallel lines drew closer to BJJ. Although I now have a Black Belt in BJJ, the grappling I coach is really mainly self-taught and still mainly MMA focused. It’s largely Jiujitsu in format b…

The Heroes Behind Our Heroes

We cheer their names, we put every picture we find of them on our walls. but how did they become the fighters they are today? Who inspired them, and who made their careers possible?
Lets take a step back and have a look at the people behind our heroes. the real heroes behind our heroes. Ivan De Vries, is a man who sacrifices his time with his family to ensure his MMA gym and fighters get their names up there. He is the owner of Young Guns MMA & Kickboxing. A gym that is about making the impossible possible.
Ivan has been involved with boxing and kickboxing for 44 years. Being a boxer in the 70's he never lost his love for the sport and had a fight last year at the age of 54. This fight took place at a Young Guns event in Atlantis, where Atlantis fighters were matched up against the Saldanha Bay fighters.

Apart from these 2 gyms, they also opened their doors in Mitchell's Plain, and have a farm on the west coast. the farm gets used for training camps for fighters and also hous…