EFC 37: Zita Varju vs Danelle Eliasov

I want to start off by saying to the EFC that this should have been on the main card. Myself, along with all the fans I’ve been in contact with over the past weekend feel the same. This was supposed to be history in the making and for it to have so little publicity was actually a spoiler. But enough on the poor decisions of the EFC and let’s talk about how amazingly these ladies performed.

I was captivated by the way Varju came out and just started throwing those punches at Eliasov. Feisty. Even though it might not have been the best strategy (since she didn't know her opponent that well) to follow, it was great entertainment.

Eliasov on the other hand, was faced with this rain of punches. Which I’m sure she didn't expect. They then tumbled to the ground where most of the fight took place.

Eliasov handled herself very well here and managed to take the top position where she showed pure domination. Keeping her head close to Varju’s chest to avoid any punches or at least make it more difficult for her to get them in. Eliasov posturing up every now and again getting in some brilliant shots.

Varju seemed to have a good ground defense, defending very well from the bottom but looked very awkward with her legs flying about in random positions. I’m not sure what that was about.

Eliasov proved to be more powerful than Varju as Varju was unable to get Eliasov off her once she gained top mount.

Eliasov makes her team (and the entire South Africa) proud by taking this win via TKO in the very first round. Beautiful rain of hammer fists to end off the fight by ref stoppage.

All in all, I think it was an awesome first women’s bout and think that both women did extremely well. Looking forward to the next women’s bout. You ladies have set the standard and now, it’s for the others to follow.

Article by: Justin Smith

Sponsored by: Infinitus Jiu Jitsu

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