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Garreth "Soldierboy" McLellan debuts at UFC Fight Night : Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop 2

As a South African MMA enthusiast, I have to say that this has been the most anticipated fight schedule that South African fans have been waiting for. Namely, because Garreth "Sodierboy" McLellan is finally set to make his UFC debut.

Since December of 2014, when the news first made headlines that Soldierboy was leaving the EFC to fight in the worlds largest and greatest MMA organisation, fans have been waiting anxiously for the date and time of this fight.

Everyone was wondering who will Soldierboy face? And now it has been revealed.

Bartosz Fabinksi stands across the cage of our very own, former EFC Middle Weight Champion come fight night. With a close record of 11 wins and 2 losses (Soldierboy has 12 wins and 2 losses) the Polish native shows to be quite the power hand with 8 of those wins coming via KO/TKO.

McLellan we have seen dominates the ground with 9 of his fights won by submission.

Fight Schedule for UFC Fight Night 64:

Mirko Filipovic vs. Gabriel Gonzaga Jan Blacho…

CFL 09: It Just Keeps Getting Better

It was a fairly windy night in the quiet suburb of Sunningdale, but inside the Sunningdale Sports Complex, the heat was on as the Cape Fight League made its return for the 1st event of the year with CFL 09.
The crowd goes crazy as the fighters exchange blows, shouting out advice more then the coaches do. With each passing round, fans seem to get more and more into the show. Not only are the fans spoilt with great in ring action, they also get the chance to mingle with some of their favourite EFC fighters. Fighters like Gideon Drotschie, Don Madge, Luke Micheal, Knife Didier, Sibusiso Mdoku, Brandon Groenewald, Sors Grobbelaar, Chris du Pont and more were seen walking around the complex.
The amature fights on the night really set the tempo for the main fight card. With guys and girls alike, showcasing their skils in MMA, K1 and Kickboxing, they gave us an idea of what their weeks and in some cases, months of training came to.
The first main card fight saw Karl Bergemann take on JP Vi…

The Booto Guylain Challenge

Mat Barlett (Luke Michael's manager) and Snide Guy have both agreed to put up R1000  each in honour of Booto Guylain and donate the proceeds to his family, if they could get to see Luke "Young Guns" Michael and Don "Magic Man" Madge battle it out at next week's Mother City Jiu Jitsu Open.

Now, the conversation went pretty far and as we know both these guys can be quite determined to get what they want out there. So if you missed it, the conversation went like this after Mat posted this pic and comment...

So there it is...well, this can only happen if both fighters agree to what do you think? Shane Braaf, also a practicing Mixed Martial Artist already pledged R1000 to the cause, even if these oakes don't face off however, this does make it more interesting. Now I don't have R1000 but I can afford to donate R200 towards this cause. That's already R3200. How much are you willing to donate to this cause?

Of coarse, both guys have to agre…

OPERATION CLEAN UP: MMA without steroids

Failed drug tests can destroy the image of any sport. We saw Lance Armstrong being stripped of his Tour de France medals and losing sponsors worth millions of dollars. Marion Jones had to forfeit all medals she ever won at the Olympics. The use of this substance not only damages the reputation of athletes, but it also puts doubt into the minds of fans. Wondering why did he do it? Did he know it was illegal? Will he do it again? Yet in many of these cases, the fans are the last people who are considered. It's sadly becoming the go to drug for athletes looking for a quick recovery from injuries. Where others just plain and simply want an advantage over their competitors.
If you have been following UFC, you'll know about the Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz drug testing fiasco. After UFC 138, it came to light that both main event fighters, Silva and Diaz tested positive following a post-fight drug test. Silva tested positive for two types of steroid and Diaz for marijuana.
Although m…