CFL 09: It Just Keeps Getting Better

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It was a fairly windy night in the quiet suburb of Sunningdale, but inside the Sunningdale Sports Complex, the heat was on as the Cape Fight League made its return for the 1st event of the year with CFL 09.

The crowd goes crazy as the fighters exchange blows, shouting out advice more then the coaches do. With each passing round, fans seem to get more and more into the show. Not only are the fans spoilt with great in ring action, they also get the chance to mingle with some of their favourite EFC fighters. Fighters like Gideon Drotschie, Don Madge, Luke Micheal, Knife Didier, Sibusiso Mdoku, Brandon Groenewald, Sors Grobbelaar, Chris du Pont and more were seen walking around the complex.

The amature fights on the night really set the tempo for the main fight card. With guys and girls alike, showcasing their skils in MMA, K1 and Kickboxing, they gave us an idea of what their weeks and in some cases, months of training came to.

The first main card fight saw Karl Bergemann take on JP Visser in a K1 title fight. With a noted history between the 2, having fought on four previous occasions, there surely is a score to settle. Round 1 ends off with a heated exchange between these two. Visser gets overwhelmed with punches and ends up eating these shots like a hearty sunday lunch. Visser recovers but gets welcomed by more heavy shots, he hits the canves. The ref calls an end to the fight and Karl Bergemann walks out with the belt.

Next we had Frans Steyn vs the man only known as Gorilla, for the MMA Welterweight title. The round starts of with Gorilla flying in with some heavy shots and Steyn takes them well. He manages to get a few high kicks in of his own. Gorilla takes the fight to the ground and gets the choke in. After struggeling to get out of the choke hold, Steyn is left with no other choice but to tap out. Your new MMA Welterweight champ is Gorilla.

Due to Audrey Lawrence not being able to make weight, Nuraan is handed the gold medal by default.

Nick Gorman vs Calo Scheepers was next and with a somewhat easy going 1st round, none of the fighters gave 100% just yet. As the 2nd round went on, both fighters started showing a bit more intent, as they exchange knees to the abdomen. The fight intensifies and the crowd just loves it. Call it great conditioning from Scheepers but with each round, he seems to get more and more energy. As in round 2 they exchange blows but this time Gorman hits the canvas just 10 seconds before the round ends.

Scheepers manages to knock Gorman down again. He recovers well but the fight now moves into the corner, Scheepers introduces Gorman to some heavy punches. It is clear that this fight will only go one way. The fight goes the distance and the judges declare Scheepers the winner via Unnanimous Descision.

Qaasim Coetzee vs Armand Scheepers.
Scheepers attempts the armbar but Coetzee manages to get out of it and get back to his feet. With shots being traded and both guys testing eachother out, Coetzee is able to land a high knee to the face of Armand Scheepers.
Scheepers shows why he is the champ with the determination to keep the belt, he gives it his all. Coetzee taking punch after punch, getting trapped in the corner and taking more abuse from Scheepers. The shots are accurate and lands where they are intended. The ref sees that Coetzee is unable to potect himself or fight out of this situation and calls an end to the fight. Your winner and still your champion, Armand Scheepers

Colin Hume vs Robbert Harris, Light Heavweight belt.
round 1 mostly takes place on the ground as both guys are testing eachother out. though not many heavy hits are exchanged, i can see this round go to Hume.
Hume manages some hard uppercuts and gets Harris dazed. During the tussel on the ground Hume gets a low blow and the ref calls time out. The fight resumes and shots gets exchanged, Harris throws Hume to the ground and takes full gaurd. Hume gets the back of Harris, locks in the rear naked choke and rolls him over. The pressure is to much for Harris to handle and he taps.
Colin Hume is your new Light Heavyweight champion.

Adriaan van Wyk vs Mawandi Vapi
The intentions of Vapi is clear from the get go, he wants this belt, not holding back at all. Van Wyk on the other hand is taking it easy, but showing alot more intent as the rounds go on. van Wyk is creating some real nice low kick-jab combos, with some left right combos inbetween.
Vapi gets tagged with a few well timed and accurate kicks to the head from van Wyk. Vapi gets knocked down for the count, but is able to recover and get back up.
After a few kicks to the legs, Vapi feels the impact and goes down with a delayed reaction. Again Vapi recovers. Adriaan v Wyk attacks Vapi with a flurry of punches, the kind that would make Mike Tyson proud.
Vapi is in pain and in some serious trouble. van Wyk dazes Vapi and sends him sliding on the canvas. The fight is over due to Vapi going down for the fourth time. Your pro K1 champ is Adriaan van Wyk.

CFL 09 was surely a success. Giving the fans some great fights and even better action. To the victorious fighters, well done and keep it up. To those who lost, remember it is only a loss if you give up, train harder, coz in the end, you gained more experience.

Article by Darren McLean
Sponsored by Infinitus Jiu Jitsu


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