The Booto Guylain Challenge

Mat Barlett (Luke Michael's manager) and Snide Guy have both agreed to put up R1000  each in honour of Booto Guylain and donate the proceeds to his family, if they could get to see Luke "Young Guns" Michael and Don "Magic Man" Madge battle it out at next week's Mother City Jiu Jitsu Open.

Now, the conversation went pretty far and as we know both these guys can be quite determined to get what they want out there. So if you missed it, the conversation went like this after Mat posted this pic and comment...

So there it is...well, this can only happen if both fighters agree to what do you think? Shane Braaf, also a practicing Mixed Martial Artist already pledged R1000 to the cause, even if these oakes don't face off however, this does make it more interesting. Now I don't have R1000 but I can afford to donate R200 towards this cause. That's already R3200. How much are you willing to donate to this cause?

Of coarse, both guys have to agree to this first but at the end of the day, BBJ is the winner :)

Article by Justin Smith
Sponsored by Infinitus Jiu Jitsu 

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