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As we all know, Boxing is an eminent part of MMA. Thus, the eyes of the world have always been focused closely on it. Soon and very soon all eyes will be focused on Cape Town as Andy Pow launches POW BOXING!

On the 29th of May 2015,  Cape Town will get to host a brand new Boxing promotion "BREAK THE BANK". This will be the first of many events that will be hosted at Land Bank at QV54. Amateur fighters from all across the area will be flocking to get there chance in the ring.

"POW is more than a name, but a mentality that we look for among athletes that go head to head in our ring. To step in the ring is to abandon fear, leave doubts in the locket room, and step forward to take destiny into your own hands. We seek out the toughest Warriors from Cape Town and beyond, bringing them together to test their reputations against athletes cut from the same cloth" - Andy Pow

Check them out on :

Get In The Ring 2 : Post Fight Night Review

Expect the unexpected, is what I always say...well, maybe I don't always say it but on Saturday 18th April it certainly was true. Some of the most unexpected victories happened this night.

A stacked card of 14 fights passed by faster than an express train at Bellville station. That's how quick some of the fighters went through their opponents. Every fighter out there proved to go in for the kill. No stone was left unturned when seeking ways and means to punish one another.

Devon Currer always a great voice in the ring was the fight announcer for the evening, and this on his birthday no less. Happy Birthday Devon, once again job well done.

Christopher Briggs vs Larry Fawcus
These two fighters made for a great opening match. They gave it all they had and set the atmosphere for the evening. Already here fans were getting out of their seats and shouting. Fawcus proved to be the dominator though but Briggs didn't allow this to set him back. Great heart and aspiration shown by b…


As fight sport develops more in South Africa, we find that there is a greater need for athletes to be exposed to the ring/cage and this can only take place when we have more events, more tournaments, more sponsors and more gyms willing to put in the effort and sit with the admin.

On the 18th April 2015, Thaiholics presents, "GET IN THE RING 2". This event mainly focuses on K-1 and Muay Thai which Zeeke Zambidis often refers to as The Art of Stand Up Fighting.

There are some prospective names featuring on the fight card including Adriaan Van Wyk, Remo Ralph, Christiano Ndombasy, Ashley Robinson and so much more. Ashley Robinson always puts on a spectacular show and is great to watch. He is the current CFL under 75 kg K-1 title holder, under 81 kg Boland champion as well as SA amateur K-1 champion.

Here are a few words by Nicholas Radley from Thaiholics who is running the event.

GET IN THE RING is a K-1 promotion held by THAIHOLICS MUAY THAI. Our goal is to bring back Professio…


One of the few men I have gotten to know since I have been a part of the MMA community and admired is Eddie Lallo. I once got-in-ear that he had a very interesting up bringing and was interested in finding out what his journey to MMA was like. Interesting enough, what I heard was not the half of it yet.

Here is what he had to say.

My name is Eddie Lallo, I'm a BJJ and MMA coach residing in Grassy (Grassy Park).

I had a bit of a difficult one - Speaking about is childhoodI grew up in Vrygrond a poverty stricken informal settlement near Muizenberg. My father and mother working hard to keep us afloat. Both my parents were alcoholics due to bad decisions made, but they did the best they could for us. People normally laugh when i tell them that, I use to eat with pigs, thinking I'm joking. As kids we would wait for the guy that use to drop the pigs food, so that we could also have a little to eat.

You would have to wrestle with pigs for their own food. No food in the house, going ar…


EFC WORLDWIDE made it's way to the coastal town of Durban, for what pomised to be an amazing fight card.

On the night we saw the debut of two female fighters, Amanda Lino and Stephanie Qualie. As in the Varju vs Elliasov fight, the fans were hoping for it to be televised but with no luck. I can tell you however, this fight was fit for the main card. From the 1st bell, Amanda was ready to pounce, following Qualie around the cage and BAM, Lino strikes with some beautiful one-two combos. All of Lino's shots landing and putting Qualie in a world of hurt. Qualie falls to the canvas, with Lino right there to lay down some ground and pound. The ref sees Qualie does nothing to defend herself and calls an end to the fight. With this level of action from the ladies, surely they need their spot on the main card.

The main card fights were what everyone expected. With the much anticipated Boyd Allen vs Wesley Hawkey.
The 1st main card fight
Rafal Haratyk (5-1-2) vs Keron Davies (1-1-0)