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Break The Bank

We are ever so close to the much anticipated Break The Bank, brought to you by POW Boxing Promotions. I had the honour of picking the brain of one of the men behind this event, Mat Barlett.
I started off by asking him, how it all began. "We created a combat sports platform with about 4 months of infrastructure and unfortunately, things did not go according to plan.

With the first attempt at hosting an event not going to plan, Mat got hold of Andy Pow with an idea. "...we were close to writing the whole idea off when I had a chat with Andy and said we have put so much effort in so far and create a cool structure that we may as well have fun with it."
With boxing taking a backseat in the Western Cape, (Cape Town in particular), something had to be done to change it. "Andy comes from a boxing background, so we decided that with boxing the way that it is, lets see what we can do in the sweet science."
He made it clear, that white collar boxing wont be the only …

Ashley William Robinson

Ashley William Robinson was born 9th April 1991 in a town called Paarl which is located in Western Cape about 64 km from the Cape Town CBD. Robinson grew up with both parents in a high crime ridden area“…and when I say high I mean no exiting your house without any adults…” he states. They later moved to a much quieter area where Ashley says they could leave the house without having to double check if everything is secured. "I started my education career when I turned 4. Matriculated when I was 17, completed all studies at the age of 21. I started Martial Arts in 1997 and my first form was Karate (Goju Kai)."
Robinson currently trains out of Tricore MMA with Sensei Ruhan Louw and currently holds the CFL under 75 kg K1 belt.
"I focus on stand-up fighting, which are Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai. Reason for me being committed to the stand-up factor is because I feel it’s much more competitive to stand and exchange blows, to see who has been training harder. Also because I …


New to the white collar boxing scene in Cape Town is POW Boxing Promotions. Headed by Andy Pow and Mat Barlett, they launched a fight night called BREAK THE BANK. BREAK THE BANK will be held on the 29th of May 2015 at Land Bank at QV54. This event promises to knock your socks off. If not with a right hook, then with a gut busting kidney shot.
Featuring on our first fighter profile is Chad Marais.
CHAD "The Nightmare" MARAIS
Record : Amateur (2-1-1, no records in white collar)
Gym : Armoury Boxing Club
Occupation : Founding director of a software company
Motto : "Do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light"
Spending most of his time working, he still manages to get a decent amount of hours training at The Armoury Boxing Club, under his coach, Clever Mutero. With only four fights under his belt, Chad is keen on showing what the hard work and determination in the gym has come to.
When asked to describe himself Chad said..."Highly pa…

EFC39 Post Fight Review

Many people outside Cape Town will say it's called the mother city because things take 9 months before they happen. Well that's how long it felt while watching Maphutha vs Drotschie. As Gideon Drotschie made his way to the hexagon, he received an amazing welcome from the Cape Town faithful. But as the fight went on, and eventually coming to an end, those loud cheers, turned into even louder boos. It's clear to understand where things went wrong in this fight (not for them, but from a fans point of view).  Thumelo Maphutha is a counter attacking fighter. He waits until his opponent closes the gap and throws the punch. He dodges and will greet you with a straight right or a 1-2 combo. Gideon Drotschie on the other hand, was aware of the striking power Maphutha possesses, and for that reason, he kept the distance between them. The gap ended up being big enough to bury Drotschie's title hopes. Respectively, these are two great fighters, with great game plans. But unfortun…

EFC 39 Pre Fight Post

The Cape Town leg of EFC Worldwide has arrived. Fighters are amped and fans are ready to scream their lungs out. Its no secret that this fight card has a lot of fighters who want to prove themselves in this business. We managed to pick the brains of a few of the fighters on the main card. We asked Heavyweight Champ Brendon Groenewald, how he feels about his first title defense against Andrew Van Zyl, a man many believe is the true EFC Heavyweight Champ.
"...the truth is, I've always been underdog the and I love that, if he was the real champ based on being the belt holder then he would still have the belt, but it's more complex then that. I think repesenting yourself and your code with honour, having high values and morals makes you  champion rather than delusions of grandeu, riches and self entitlement. Case in point, our infamous John 'Bones' Jones, ex UFC Champion and newly crowned, peoples Chump.''  - Brendon Groenewald

Number one contender to the Hea…