Ashley William Robinson

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Ashley William Robinson was born 9th April 1991 in a town called Paarl which is located in Western Cape about 64 km from the Cape Town CBD. Robinson grew up with both parents in a high crime ridden area “…and when I say high I mean no exiting your house without any adults…he states. They later moved to a much quieter area where Ashley says they could leave the house without having to double check if everything is secured.
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"I started my education career when I turned 4. Matriculated when I was 17, completed all studies at the age of 21. I started Martial Arts in 1997 and my first form was Karate (Goju Kai)."

Robinson currently trains out of Tricore MMA with Sensei Ruhan Louw and currently holds the CFL under 75 kg K1 belt.

"I focus on stand-up fighting, which are Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai. Reason for me being committed to the stand-up factor is because I feel it’s much more competitive to stand and exchange blows, to see who has been training harder. Also because I love the following movies: Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Blood and Bone, etc. I got motivation from all the Kickboxing stars and felt like I could do the same by being a K1 athlete and a public figure to motivate those who need it."

"I started training for full contact exactly 2 weeks before my first K1 bout against Nathan Fredericks at a Panther Fight Night event. I got my ass whipped by him and somehow I broke my right hand. By experiencing that lovely whipping I knew exactly what to do."

Robinson recently fought Cristiano Ndombassy at Get In The Ring 2 (a Thaiholics event), a fight he lost and learnt a lot from.

"I took a few blows to my rib and it eventually went to my opponents favour. I went in with too much respect for my opponent who has much more pro experience and who I trained with once. I went in with a sparring mind set and not very wise at all. I realised there that you only friends outside the ring and after the fight. My training changed to having no heart for my opponent. I will be facing Wade Hammond on the 30th of May at PFC Promotions and the 13th of June at CFL."

Some of Robinson’s sponsors, which ensure that he is able to be his best and keep training, are USN, Apocalypse, HS Trailers, Amy Carter, Fight Evolution and Mass Suit.

Ashley Robinson can often been seen hanging out with kids and spending some time with them. When asked about this he said, I do this because a lot of the children are open for anything negative and positive at a young age. The more you feed them positive energy the more they will grow into something special. My childhood motivated me to do so.”

When he is not training, which is usually a Sundays, he makes time for his loved ones, church and does research on how to better himself.

Manny Pacquiao is listed as Robinson’s favourite fighter of all times.

"I would kindly want to make this clear to everyone supporting, sponsoring and loving me that they highly regarded in my eyes and that I will carry them with me as I grow into a much more mature fighter."

Article by : Justin Smith

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