Break The Bank

Picture by POW Boxing

We are ever so close to the much anticipated Break The Bank, brought to you by POW Boxing Promotions. I had the honour of picking the brain of one of the men behind this event, Mat Barlett.

I started off by asking him, how it all began. "We created a combat sports platform with about 4 months of infrastructure and unfortunately, things did not go according to plan.

With the first attempt at hosting an event not going to plan, Mat got hold of Andy Pow with an idea. "...we were close to writing the whole idea off when I had a chat with Andy and said we have put so much effort in so far and create a cool structure that we may as well have fun with it."

With boxing taking a backseat in the Western Cape, (Cape Town in particular), something had to be done to change it. "Andy comes from a boxing background, so we decided that with boxing the way that it is, lets see what we can do in the sweet science."

He made it clear, that white collar boxing wont be the only focal point for the team of POW Boxing Promotions, as they also intend on hosting a Pro Boxing event in the near future.

From the chat with Mat Barlett and the ads Iv'e seen concerning Break The Bank, I can tell you this, we are in for a treat. Not only do we get to see some of the best up and coming boxers our country has to offer, we will also be treated to the music of Darren Rose afterwards as he will be the headline of the after party.

I'm not sure about you guys (and girls) but I've been waiting in anticipation, and the wait is almost over. To quote a famous line from a classic Steven Seagal movie, Hard to Kill... "And you can take that to the bank"

Break The Bank is taking place at QV54, Cape Town, 19:30 pm

Article By : Darren McLean
Sponsors : Commu Print, Lethal Edge

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