EFC39 Post Fight Review

Many people outside Cape Town will say it's called the mother city because things take 9 months before they happen. Well that's how long it felt while watching Maphutha vs Drotschie. As Gideon Drotschie made his way to the hexagon, he received an amazing welcome from the Cape Town faithful. But as the fight went on, and eventually coming to an end, those loud cheers, turned into even louder boos. It's clear to understand where things went wrong in this fight (not for them, but from a fans point of view). 
Thumelo Maphutha is a counter attacking fighter. He waits until his opponent closes the gap and throws the punch. He dodges and will greet you with a straight right or a 1-2 combo. Gideon Drotschie on the other hand, was aware of the striking power Maphutha possesses, and for that reason, he kept the distance between them. The gap ended up being big enough to bury Drotschie's title hopes. Respectively, these are two great fighters, with great game plans. But unfortunatly for the fans, they did not get the slugfest they were hoping for.

Brendon Groenewald got dropped 32 seconds into round 1. If he grew his beard a bit thicker, he might have had a chance to recover from the shots he received. van Zyl proved he was well deserved of his shot. He entered the hexagon with determination, focus and a clear game plan to finish this, and finish it fast.

Apart from the average main card fights, we saw a few undercard fights that made the crowd go mental. One stand out fight has to be Sibusiso Mdoko vs Luke Michael (or as i heard on the night, Wesley Snipes vs Will Smith).
Luke Michael came into this fight with a 2 fight win streak, where Sibusiso Mdoko came from a loss against Leon Mynhardt at EFC 34 and a win over Alain Illunga at EFC 30. It started off with both guys testing the other one out first, but with Michael as the aggressor. During round 2 however, things took a turn for the worse concerning Luke Michael. Mdoko came at him with well timed and heavy shots, landing at will. Micheal was out of it by the end of round 2. You could see, he was tired. Breathing heavy, looking at the clock and waiting for it to be over. By round 3, Mdoko seemed to have more energy, Michael on the other hand, did not yet recover fully. After receiving more unanswered shots from Mdoko, the fight was stopped and The Monster was declared your winner.
It became clear after the fight, that Luke Michael underwent a 7kg weight cut before the fight. A bit heavy if you ask me. Especially when facing the likes of someone with the striking power and resilience of Mdoko.

Another fight on the main card, which was also seen as a rather one sided affair, was Regis Muyambo vs Don Madge. The only thing hardcore from Muyambo, was his entrance music. Myself being a fan of heavy metal, I  found the song rather soothing and getting me into my zone (yes, i have a zone). At the start of round 1, Muyambo went in with a rather soft punch. It was obvious that it had no effect on Madge as he closed the gap between him and Regis. After a few more kicks and punches, Madge took the youngster down, and made him regret ever taking the fight. Magic man lands a few heavy shots as he goes to work with his ground and pound. Muyambo has no answer and the ref steps in to call an end to this fight. Madge wins, what was a rather easy fight.

Results of the night
Fight 1
Quaid Openshaw beat Didier Nyembe via TKO

Fight 2
Mamoudou Toure beat Sizwe Mnikathe via DQ (Disqualification)

Fight 3
Kaleka Kabanda beat Mark Moleke via TKO

Fight 4
Cameron Pritchard beat Pupanga Tresor via KO

Fight 5
Joe Cummins beat Marcel Teniers via TKO

Fight 6
Mark Hulme beat Shaun de Lange via UD (Unanimous Decision)

Fight 7
Sibusiso Mdoko beat Luke Michael via TKO

Fight 8
Irshaad Sayed beat Oumpie Sebeko via UD (Unanaimous decision)

Fight 9
Champion Dalcha beat Yannick Bahati via UD (Unanimous Decision)

Fight 10
Don Madge beat Regis Muyambo via TKO

Fight 11
Gideon Drotschie beat Tumelo Maphutha via UD (Unanimous Decision)

Fight 12
Andrew van Zyl beat Brendon Groenewald via KO (32 seconds, Round 1)

By the end of the night, we saw some fights that ended exactly how we expected it to. We saw the Heavyweight title go back to former champ, Andrew van Zyl. Luke Michael defeated after two impressive back to back victories. Gideon Drotschie and Tumelo Maphutha found out they will not challenge for the Light Heavweight Title that is currently held by Norman Wessels.

We might think we have everything figured out, but at the end of the day, the last say lies within EFC itself.

Until EFC40, this is me saying goodbye.

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