Picture taken from Facebook, The Armoury Boxing Club Fight Night March 2012
Photographer : Helena Atkinson Photography
New to the white collar boxing scene in Cape Town is POW Boxing Promotions. Headed by Andy Pow and Mat Barlett, they launched a fight night called BREAK THE BANK. BREAK THE BANK will be held on the 29th of May 2015 at Land Bank at QV54. This event promises to knock your socks off. If not with a right hook, then with a gut busting kidney shot.

Featuring on our first fighter profile is Chad Marais.

CHAD "The Nightmare" MARAIS

Record : Amateur (2-1-1, no records in white collar)

Gym : Armoury Boxing Club

Occupation : Founding director of a software company

Motto : "Do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light"

Spending most of his time working, he still manages to get a decent amount of hours training at The Armoury Boxing Club, under his coach, Clever Mutero. With only four fights under his belt, Chad is keen on showing what the hard work and determination in the gym has come to.

When asked to describe himself Chad said..."Highly passionate activity freak who lives on surfing and boxing. If I’m not in the gym beating a bag, then I’m in the water looking for some tunnels" is a motto he lives by. So if that motto is anything to go by, then you can expect a fight filled with action. With an attitude of never giving up and eagerness to prove a point, he has one thing on his mind come May 29th...and that is win.

Chad Marais at his best, surfing the waves
All fighters competing have one thing in common, and that BREAK THE BANK.

Article by: Darren McLean


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