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Alpha Grappling League Season 1 - No Gi

Known to rest of the world as the South African Beast, Shaughn Vos is a BJJ phenomenon! In every article I read about him, or article that he wrote, you could pick up two things about him. One, his good character and selfless personality and two, his love for the “Gentle Art” known to us as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or just Jiu Jitsu.
Vos is currently a brown belt and trains under Rico Hattingh, owner and head coach at RHMMA (Rico Hattingh Mixed Martial Arts) gym. Hattingh is also the former EFC Heavy Weight Champion and a Black Belt in BJJ.
One of Vos’s passions is to give back and what better way to than to combine your passion with you love. Vos has started a grappling league which will take place at ReddamHouse Constantia on Saturday the 27 June 2015. This sees the first season of Alpha - Grappling League and the start of an amazing BJJ journey in South Africa.
Hi Justin and all your readers!” – Shaughn Vos
Q. Tell us more about the Alpha – Grappling League. What does it entail? Alpha Grap…

Youth Day sees opening of MMA gym in Mitchell's Plain

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with MMAFundi but this is something I feel I have to tell you as it lies very close to my heart. Lethal Edge MMA has been working closely with Justin Smith (founder of MMAFundi) to open up a new MMA gym in Mitchell’s Plain.
I wanted to know why and spoke to Justin and he explained, "The aim of this initiative is to keep youth away from gangsterism, drugs, peer pressure and other negative influences. This was some of the many challenges I had to face along with other youth while growing up in the area. MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, and along with this, it teaches discipline, confidence and self-defense, all at the same time. With all of these self-esteem achievements, our youth will be able to deal with difficult circumstances or situations in an assertive manner.
Growing up in Mitchell’s Plain is by far one of the toughest things any youth can do. However, being in that situation you don’t even realise it’s tough because fo…

POW Boxing Review

As you enter through the doors at QV54, you hear the beats of dj Darren Rose of The Beat Collective playing in the background. The atmosphere is electric as we're waiting in anticipation for the 1st bout to take place. Stepping into the ring to kick proceedings off, was the voice of Break The Bank, Mr. Mendel Sass. With a certain wittiness to add to his swagger, he had the fans eating out of his hands, as they wait for what he has to say next. With 9 fights on the card, each round lasting only 2 minutes long with a 1 minute break, things were sure to get heated as the bouts take place.
The fight card was as follow.
1 - Lyle Breda vs Dylan Alfonso
2 - Josh van Heerden vs Ari Kearny
3 - Rudi Wilcox vs Wesley Hepburn
4 - O.J Mollo vs Javan Moodley
5 - Abe Coetzee vs Kaizer Raw
6 - Stephen Keyter vs Morne Flaum
7 - Jaco Smit vs Morne Smal
8 - Chad Marais vs Johnny Maple
9 - Kurt Stanley vs Mike Goslett
All fighters involved in the fights mentioned above were good, but there were to f…