POW Boxing Review

Photograph by PRETOGRAPHY :  Johnny Maple vs Chad Marais
As you enter through the doors at QV54, you hear the beats of dj Darren Rose of The Beat Collective playing in the background. The atmosphere is electric as we're waiting in anticipation for the 1st bout to take place. Stepping into the ring to kick proceedings off, was the voice of Break The Bank, Mr. Mendel Sass. With a certain wittiness to add to his swagger, he had the fans eating out of his hands, as they wait for what he has to say next.
With 9 fights on the card, each round lasting only 2 minutes long with a 1 minute break, things were sure to get heated as the bouts take place.

The fight card was as follow.
1 - Lyle Breda vs Dylan Alfonso
2 - Josh van Heerden vs Ari Kearny
3 - Rudi Wilcox vs Wesley Hepburn
4 - O.J Mollo vs Javan Moodley
5 - Abe Coetzee vs Kaizer Raw
6 - Stephen Keyter vs Morne Flaum
7 - Jaco Smit vs Morne Smal
8 - Chad Marais vs Johnny Maple
9 - Kurt Stanley vs Mike Goslett

All fighters involved in the fights mentioned above were good, but there were to fights that really stood out for me. OJ Mollo vs Javan Moodley was one of them. OJ used his jabs wisely, setting up for various head and bodyshots as the fight went on. Moodly managed to land a few shots of his own. As the fight went on, i could hear OJ's dad shouting out orders from behind me, coaching him and letting his son know, hes doing a good job. I personally enjoyed this fight. OJ is certainly someone to look out for.

The fight that i was waiting for mostly, was Chad Marais vs Johnny Maple, and was this a good fight or what? Not only were these guys well prepared, they were also very professional in the execution of their game plans. Both Chad and Johnny used the ring well, moving in and out. Throwing shots and moving away. Not only was i impressed with the bout, but Chad ended up winning 'Entertainer of the Night'. A prize sponsored by Liquid Wraps.

All around, the event was a massive success. Mat Barlett and Andy Pow out done themselves. The fans who came out to support the event, will be talking about it for weeks, if not months. I know for sure, the next one will be even better.

Check out Pow Boxing Promotion's Facebook page and give them a like, and stay up to date with the happenings as we prepare for Break The Bank 2.

Article by : Darren McLean

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