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"And the NEW! EFC Middle Weight Champion! Liam! Cleland"

Having heard from Gert Strydom first about what went on during the preperations of a very important fight for Liam Cleland, I decided to find out by the champ himself. This was a very imortant fight for Liam, as he had alot to prove not only to the fighters in the Middleweight division, but to himself also. I had the honour of finding out by the champ what happened before the fight, during the fight, and what his plans are for the future.

Liam, congrats on a well deserved victory at EFC 41. How does it feel to finally have the belt? "It feels great, hasn't really sunk in yet to be honest, but on fight night, I was on a high. After 15 years of fighting mostly in back yard competitions, it's great to have a belt that actually means something."
It's clear from your stiking coach, Gert Strydom, that you put some hard hours in during your prep time. What did you work on and who was involved with this? "Every morning with Gert, I would perform bag work and closer to t…

Goju Ryu Karate World Championships Sponsorship

As we know in South Africa, getting sponsorship for any combat sport is a struggle. Something our athletes have to deal with everyday. Here is one such example of a lady who eagerly wishes to take part in Goju Ryu Karate World Championships that is taking place in November.  Asking for sponsorship is also not easy as we never know where to start or who to approach. So with that, I offered to post her article on MMAFundi in hope that she too will be able to fulfill her dream.  Looking for sponsorship is so difficult in South Africa. Everyone has their own personal issues to deal with. I have been doing martial arts from the age of 6. I started doing Judo as a youngster. More Recently I started doing Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Last year, I became curious about karate. So I joined a Goju Ryu dojo in Durbanville. My style of karate is the purest of all karate styles in the world. The style is Okinawan Goju Ryu. The style was created in 1936 in Okinawa by sensei Chojun Miyagi. Well after only …

Gert Strydom and Tapout Academy

When you think of championship material, you think FFM or CIT. But have you forgotten about Tapout Academy?
Well for those of you who don’t know what I'm talking about' allow me to refresh your memories. At EFC 41, Liam Cleland faced a very notable and more favourable opponent in Michiel Opperman. With 5 rounds of action from the word go. Stand up game and ground game being tested in every round, these two gave their all. But at the end of it all, Cleland came out victorious and was crowned the new EFC Middleweight Champion.
It’s been almost a week since this glorious night, and what better time than now to hear from the man himself, Liam Cleland and striking coach, Gert Strydom. (This is part one of a two part interview. Part one features Tapout Academy Striking coach, Gert Strydom)
Gert Strydom
Firstly, congratulations on the success of Liam Cleland winning the Middleweight Title.
Many people know you as one of the top boxing coaches in South Africa, how has the shift from boxin…

Tricore Fight Night

What started out as a cold, quiet and empty gym soon became a warm and lively fight night. As fans and fighters started to make their way in, the atmosphere quickly changed and you could feel the nerves from fighters and supporters alike.
First up was probably the most adorable fight ever, as Micha took on Sasha. Two young boys, no older then 6, took to the ring. With action from the word go, these two warriors put their fears aside, and showed us all. The sport of MMA and Boxing that we love so much, has to start somewhere. The younger we get them into it, the better. But along with commitment from these boys, the support they received from their parents and families were great.
On to the older fighters, we also saw some great action on display. From white collar boxing, to MMA and K1. In the white collar fight, we saw Christiaan Groenewald of Tricore Bellville/Parow take on Junaid Abel from PFC. Both guys tested each other from the word go. Christiaan choosing to go for the wait and a…