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Rules of the Hexagon - EFC Rules

EFC World Wide, is Africa’s premier Mixed Martial Arts organization. With fighters from all over the world, EFC is fast becoming a global force,reaching audiences in Africa, Europe and North America. Global viewership is estimated to be in the millions. Since the inception of the organization in November 2009, EFC now contracts over 120 of Africa’s top MMA fighters, with ten events held annually throughout South Africa.Though many people believe MMA is a barbaric, no holds barred sport, there are rules held in place, to keep fighters safe. Let’s take a look these rules.
·Butting with the head.
·Eye gouging of any kind.
·Hair pulling.
·Fish hooking (inserting your fingers in your opponent’s mouth or nostril and pulling with intent to harm your opponent).
·Groin attacks of any kind.
·Putting a finger into any orifice or into any cut or laceration on an opponent.
·Small joint manipulation (e.g. trying to break a finger or toe).
·Striking to the spine or the back of the head.

EFC 42 Post Fight Review

Cape Town welcomed EFC World Wide back to the Grand Arena, as we had some mouthwatering match ups, with international fighters ready to show their worth in the biggest MMA organisation on the African continent.
We saw the debut of Shaughn Vos and Rico Hattingh student, Armand 'Wanderlei' Scheepers as he took on the more experienced Regis Muyambo. Scheepers and Muyambo trade shots early in the round, but Scheepers lands a hard blow to the chest of Muyambo. Muyambo staggers and Scheepers follows. Regis manages a takedown, but can’t do anything, instead Scheepers reverses and locks in the triangle. Pulling tight, Muyambo struggles but can't keep the fight up anymore. Muyambo taps and it's over. The fight ends 3:22 seconds into round 1.
Then there was Kaleka Kabanda vs. Marcel Teniers. A fight that had more people talking about the behaviour of Teniers's coach, Quentin Chong. After the fight, Teniers was visibly furious for some reason. Chong then entered the hexagon, s…

Fightstar 13 Post Fight Night Review

What an awesome event! The organizers did an outstanding job. I'm comfortable saying...“Best amature MMA event in SA”.
Good food!  Biltong! Awesome clothing! A flat screen TV at the bar with all the action so that you don’t have to miss one second of a fight. An event where fighters and their safety are put first.Here are some memorable moments of Fightstar 13.
Damian Bukle won Ronnie Thompson by verbal submission in round 2. Ronnie was really hurt and gassed and decided not to continue but rather to give up. That secured the 1st win of the evening for WOW, but surely not the last.
Scott Kenee from Nova MMA and Isak Lombard took to the cage. These two really performed and worked a lot against the cage, with Isak's facial expression showing that he didn't really enjoy it. The fight went the distance. House of Tinkerbel and XKT Pro League managed athlete, Isak, took the win by unanimous decision.
Nerick Simons from CIT and Ruan Stander from GNG took to the cage. What a battle! Thi…

Armand "Wanderlei" Scheepers Debuts at EFC 42

Every young fighter has a dream they want to turn into reality. Turning pro is one of those dreams, and as a South African MMA fighter, EFC is that big dream. Armand Scheepers, or better known as "Wanderlei", (due to his uncanny resemblance to UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva), was able to make this dream come true, as he is expected to face Regis Muyambo of Panther Fighting Arts, at EFC 42.
As a build up to his debut fight, I decided to do a feature on this talented fighter.
Armand Scheepers started training in early 2012, at Crucifix Grappling in Brackenfell under Shaughn Vos, a long time student of former MMA fighter Rico Hattingh. He trained under Shaughn for roughly three months, twice a day and got hooked right away. They started concentrating on Jiu Jitsu and Armand entered his first competition. He went on winning the SAGA advanced teenage section for both WP and South Africa. This only after training for a short period of time.
Later in the same year, Armand competed at the…