EFC 42 Post Fight Review

Cape Town welcomed EFC World Wide back to the Grand Arena, as we had some mouthwatering match ups, with international fighters ready to show their worth in the biggest MMA organisation on the African continent.

We saw the debut of Shaughn Vos and Rico Hattingh student, Armand 'Wanderlei' Scheepers as he took on the more experienced Regis Muyambo. Scheepers and Muyambo trade shots early in the round, but Scheepers lands a hard blow to the chest of Muyambo. Muyambo staggers and Scheepers follows. Regis manages a takedown, but can’t do anything, instead Scheepers reverses and locks in the triangle. Pulling tight, Muyambo struggles but can't keep the fight up anymore. Muyambo taps and it's over. The fight ends 3:22 seconds into round 1.

Then there was Kaleka Kabanda vs. Marcel Teniers. A fight that had more people talking about the behaviour of Teniers's coach, Quentin Chong. After the fight, Teniers was visibly furious for some reason. Chong then entered the hexagon, shouting at Teniers and then turned his attention to Kabanda and his corner. Neville Addinal, trainer of Kabanda never backed down and seemed ready to take on Chong. Due to the unsportsman like behaviour, EFC officials escorted the team of Dragon Power out of the cage, just before Kaleka Kabanda was declared winner via Unanimous Decision.

Making his return to EFC, is Dave 'Pain Train' Mazany. Mazany last fought at EFC5, against Wentzel Nel, a fight he won via Rear Naked Choke, 3:29 seconds into round 1. This time around, Mazany faces one of the most entertaining, yet dangerous fighters in Sibusiso 'The Monster' Mdoko. With both guys getting a feel for the other, they start tagging one another more. The skill set of Mazany is far superior to that of Mdoko, but the Monster is not giving up...then after a few combos from Pain Train, he dazes the Monster and follows with a takedown that drops Mdoko hard to the canvas. Mdoko is out and Mazany is on top of him, landing some heavy forearms to the face. The ref steps in and calls an end to the fight. Dave 'Pain Train' Mazany makes a successful return to EFC.

Tumelo 'The Truck' Maphutha desperately wanted to redeem himself and show he is the heavy handed puncher that the fans love to see. After a very disappointing fight against Gideon Drotschie at EFC 39, which he lost by majority decision, The Truck needed a victory against the Kick boxer from Belgium, Marc Vlieger. With the 1st round rather slow and just a few body kicks and punches landing, the fans started getting impatient and started chanting for a fight to happen. Round two came and went with some action to the end of the round. During round three, fans were treated to the punching power of The Truck. Landing some beautiful left-right combos to the face of Vlieger. Maphutha chases Vlieger around the fence of the cage as Vlieger tries to escape the dangerous fists coming his way. Maphutha lands a few shots on the jaw of Vlieger but the Belgian stays standing. Unable to defend himself the ref sees enough and calls an end to the fight. Winning via TKO, Tumelo 'The Truck' Maphutha.

Then for the moment we all were waiting for, Light Heavyweight Champion, Norman Wessels vs. Champion Dalcha. These two camps left no stones unturned during the buildup to the fight. From name calling, to photos posted on Facebook with machine guns and shovels. But when these two fighters stepped into the hexagon, they went to war. With majority of the fight testing the standup game, very few takedowns were executed. When Dalcha manages a sweep on the champ, Wessels quickly gets up with Dalcha unable to capitalise. Wessels on the other hand, dropped Dalcha and locks in the Rear Naked Choke. Pulling back tightly, legs locked in around the body of Dalcha. Wessels got him right where he wanted. Left with no other choice, Dalcha taps and Norman 'Chef' Wessels remains the EFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

Fight results

1 - Gary Smit def. Steve Nwosu
2 - Cole Henning def. Saxon Delafield
3 - Kaleka Kabanda def. Marcel Teniers
4 - Armand Scheepers def. Regis Muyambo
5 - Martin de Beer def. Boney Bukaka
6 - Michael Vermeulen def. Knife Didier
7 - Cameron Pritchard def. Bruno Mukulu
8 - Danil Henry def. Matthew Buirski
9 - Mark Hulme def. Francois Kabulu
10 - Dave Mazany der Sibusiso Mdoko
11 - Tumelo Maphutha def. Marc Vlieger
12 - Norman Wessels def. Champion Dalcha

I think at the end of the night, we all learned some important lessons. Never underestimate your opponent, he might just be a lot more skilled then you are. Don't allow your camp to give you a bad name or disrespect you infront of millions of people. You're worth a lot more if your camp can't motivate you. Talk is cheap if you can’t back it up.

When all is said and done, you can either accept defeat or learn from your mistakes.

Don't forget to catch EFC 43 at the Durban ICC on the 27th August

Until next time, goodnight and God bless.   

Article By : Darren McLean
Sponsored By : Commu Print, Lethal Edge MMA 

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