Fightstar 13 Post Fight Night Review

What an awesome event! The organizers did an outstanding job. I'm comfortable saying...“Best amature MMA event in SA”.

Good food!  Biltong! Awesome clothing! A flat screen TV at the bar with all the action so that you don’t have to miss one second of a fight. An event where fighters and their safety are put first. Here are some memorable moments of Fightstar 13.

Damian Bukle won Ronnie Thompson by verbal submission in round 2.
Ronnie was really hurt and gassed and decided not to continue but rather to give up. That secured the 1st win of the evening for WOW, but surely not the last.

Scott Kenee from Nova MMA and Isak Lombard took to the cage.
These two really performed and worked a lot against the cage, with Isak's facial expression showing that he didn't really enjoy it. The fight went the distance. House of Tinkerbel and XKT Pro League managed athlete, Isak, took the win by unanimous decision.

Nerick Simons from CIT and Ruan Stander from GNG took to the cage. What a battle! This has been something new from GNG athletes as their wrestling is usually more predominant than their stand up. The ref called a stop to the match in round 2, and declared Nerick the winner by TKO.  First loss of evening for GNG.

Russell Cunningham from WOW against Yemesani from Teez.
This was a great fight, but sadly a point was deducted from Yemesani for several illegal knees. He still managed to win by unanimous decision.

Josef Steyn from Nova and Ernest Kotze from WWKMMA took it to the cage.  
What awesome wrestling and GNP (ground and pound) displayed by Ernest Kotze. Ernest Kotze won by TKO victory, 2 mins 59 secs into round 3 and forged the second lost for Nova MMA.

Mark Harmse from CIT gave Ruben Snyman from House of Tinkerbell a massive hook that made him the winner by KO in round 2.

Patrick Kearsky from Junk Yard MMA lost by KO in round 2, to Rocky from Neats Gym.

HP Van Staden showed Edson Flavio that guts and glory can do more than wrestling, and proved they are swiftly transforming into a MMA gym. He took the win by verbal submission as round 3 started.

Stephan Goncalves proved that Tapout Academy is one of the top gyms in JHB, as he won Orlando from Hot by unanimous decision and handed Hot their 2nd loss for the evening.

Gerhard Exteen added another loss to Nova MMA when he got KO’d by Haracious from NGN in round 2.

The Sharkman took the victory by a sneaky, bud tight arm bar on the CIT athlete Mark Harmse.

WOW took another win and House of Tinkerbel another loss, when Francios de Santos suffered his 2nd loss in a row….need I say why? He lost via TKO.

Cassim Khusu scored WOW another win when he won Norman from BBJ Eastrand via KO, where many think the ref made a bad call.

Roelof Van Wyk was forced to tap to the painful key lock the Tapout academy student Kevin Koekemoer forced on him.

Julian Cook from WOW suffered a bad cut to the face when the Angolan monster Patrick Luindula displayed an awesome skill set and good composure to defeat his former team mate via TKO in round 1. He bagged the win for his newly found home Junk Yard MMA.

The XKT student, Allan Smith, showed an awesome skill set and wonderful kicks as he defeated the Nova student Douw Exsteen by unanimous decision. He forced Nova MMA to take no wins on the night. Douw was so happy that the fight was over he literally puked in the cage from relief.

FFM student, Merick, tore the Namibian, Armand, apart and become the new MW (Middle Weight) champ. He now has won the strap at LW (Light Weight) and MW, following in the footsteps of his pro team mate, Demarte Pena.

The last fight of the evening was the LHW (Light Heavy Weight) title fight. We had Niel du Plessis from CIT with his brother, Dricus, in his corner facing the CFL champ, Colin Hulme from Tapout.
Niel took control in the beginning of the first round and won by GNP. This is the 2nd time he defeated Colin in the Fighstar cage.

A lot of people think there were a few wrong calls made by the refs on the night. But remember, safety first.

This was an awesome action packed event, well organized, perfectly planned, sexy ring girls, great prizes, remarkable sponsors and a lot of pro athletes that come out to support.

Article by : Thinus Du Plessis
Sponsored by : Commu Print, Lethal Edge MMA

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