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In a packed venue, the roaring of the crowd has already set the tone! Anxiously awaiting the fights to start, they were becoming impatient. “When is the first fight starting!?” I heard someone scream. Three fights were pulled from the card. One opponent didn’t show up at the weigh-inn, another on the night and one suffered a broken nose earlier in the week.

Shortly after this, the announcement was made that the all boxers should report to the designated area. They were ready. The fans were ready. It was go time!

Chaz Williams vs. Faradji Said As always, Boxing sets the tone for fights to follow. Six bouts which were all spectacular. The last being Chaz Williams from Pride Fighting Academy (PFA) vs. Faradji Said (Champion) from Pro Fitness for the Heavyweight title. Both fighters had a strong presence. Said, being the champion was relentless in defending his title. No stone was left unturned when attacking. Williams was, however, clearly dominating already towards the end of round one. W…

PFC 6 Promotions

So it has been set! The date is secured and so are the fights!! PFC promises to bring an exciting edge to the MMA arena. Seeing some of our brightest up and coming fighters such as Rafel Wozniak from Thaiholics, facing off against Emile Brits from Tricore for the vacant PFC Welterweight title is only one of the spectacular fights happening.

The list of incredibly talented fighters are endless! Well...I'll just show you at the end of this article.

Furthermore, this promises to be an unforgettable night. History will be made and surely it will be stenciled in the MMA history books. If you want to know what I am referring to, be sure to make your way to the Goodwood Correctional Services on Saturday the 26th of September. First fight starts at 6pm promptly!

See you there!

PFC 6 Fight Card:

Article by : Justin Smith Sponsored by : Commu Print, Lethal Edge MMA