In a packed venue, the roaring of the crowd has already set the tone! Anxiously awaiting the fights to start, they were becoming impatient. “When is the first fight starting!?” I heard someone scream. Three fights were pulled from the card. One opponent didn’t show up at the weigh-inn, another on the night and one suffered a broken nose earlier in the week.

Shortly after this, the announcement was made that the all boxers should report to the designated area. They were ready. The fans were ready. It was go time!

Chaz Williams vs. Faradji Said
As always, Boxing sets the tone for fights to follow. Six bouts which were all spectacular. The last being Chaz Williams from Pride Fighting Academy (PFA) vs. Faradji Said (Champion) from Pro Fitness for the Heavyweight title. Both fighters had a strong presence. Said, being the champion was relentless in defending his title. No stone was left unturned when attacking. Williams was, however, clearly dominating already towards the end of round one. Williams reflected many of Said’s punches with a mere parry (defensive action that involves pushing the opposing fighter's glove by hitting it or moving inside the offensive arm to turn it away from its target). The fight went all the way and at the end Chaz Williams did enough to win the judges favour and is now crowned, the NEW!! PFC Heavyweight Champion! The K1 and MMA fights were to follow.

Patra Ngandu vs. Hermie Drotschie
If you read my weigh-in post on FB/twitter, you might recall me mentioning that Hermie Drotschie said, and I quote “Take lotsa pics! Cause this is gonna be quick” with a huge smile on his face. First round starts and boom! Drotschie goes down…but he’s right back up on his feet again! I look away for a split sec and the next thing I know, Drotschie has Ngandu’s arm stuck between his legs and Ngandu taps! It’s all over! Drotschie wins by Submission due to an Arm Bar. Guess he was right after all.

Juan-Dre Blaine vs. Adrian Van Wyk
These two fighters are well known in the Am/Pro-Am arena. Juan-Dre Blaine, 2014 World Muay Thai Bronze medalist and Adrian “Sparkie” Van Wyk, current Get In The Ring K1 title holder in his division put up a remarkable show.
Round 1. Sparkie gets dropped early in round one but gets back up straightaway. For the entire duration both fighters show remarkable composure. Clear sign of the experience held by these guys. Sparkie throws several combos but Blaine absorbs, takes some punishment and BOOM! drops Sparkie again.
Round 2. Back and forth they go and neither fighter can be kept off one another. Blaine’s Muay Thai shows as he lands some great kicks to the body. Doesn’t scare off Sparkie though as he retaliates and comes back more fiercely. Friendly gesture shown by Sparkie as he reaches out to touch gloves after Blaine slips and bounces off the ring.
Round 3.  Sparkie shows some serious skill as he lands various combos. Blaine stumbles. You can see he’s tired. Sparkie connects solidly to jaw as Blaine’s hands are low. Right about now this fight could have gone either way.
Round 4. Both fighters came out with leg kicks. Sparkie’s boxing seems more supreme. It seems the further he goes into the fight the more he has analyses of his opponent became spot on. Ref calls time out and fight continues after a few seconds. It’s all or nothing and Sparkie drops Blain, ref counts and he’s back up. They come from the corner and as they approach the centre of the ring, Sparkie gives a spinning heel kick to liver! Blaine drops, you can see the pain across his face. Ref calls the match and Sparkie takes the win by TKO! A good liver shot can put even the mightiest of men down.

Joshua Ignjatovic vs. Mathew Marais
I’ve always admired the flexibility and versatility of Ignjatovic. He often reminds of fighters like Anthony Pettis and Jon Jones.
Round 1. As the fight starts he comes out of his corner, touches gloves and immediately throws a spinning heel kick. He moves flawlessly around the ring but even this does not scare off Marais. He doesn’t back down and immediately retaliates. Ignjatovic absorbs and avoids some of the punches thrown.
Round 2. Both fighters are coming at each other and Ignjatovic is not stepping back one bit. Both taking punches but Marais seems to connect well. Ignjatovic gets dropped! He gets back up and pushes forward. They get into the clench and start exchanging knees. Ref then gives Ignjatovic a warning for catching Marais’s leg and sweeping him.
Round 3. Ignjatovic comes out with a superman punch. Nice combination of punches with upper cuts and hooks by Ignjatovic. Still Marais does not back down. He’s even more eager than in the earlier rounds. They are face to face exchanging blows. These guys are at it like two pit pulls locked, and you cannot take them off each other. WOW!
Round 4. They start off the way they ended the previous round. Two pit bulls and nothing can tear them apart. Ignjatovic throws a spinning back fist. So much in his arsenal. Both fighters are drained and one can clearly see them slowing down but they are still pushing forward. The crowd chants and the fighters go at it. Ten seconds left and it’s all or nothing. It goes to the judges corner and the winner is Marais! Proving that sometimes sticking to the basics works just as well.

Juan Lagrotteria Joubert vs. Qaasim Coutzee
This is the reason I love MMA!!!
I don’t have much to say about this fight so I borrowed this clip from Shafiek Coetzee. It speaks for itself.

Rafel Wozniak vs. Emile Brits
For every fighter, regardless the event, this is what it is all about! Title fight!
Round 1. From the start, Brits was going hard to the body, then to the head! From the start, Brits seemed to be taking control however Wozniak defended extremely well. Calculating his opportunities and then using them wisely. Brits takes control of the ring and forces Wozniak to the fence, picking his shots and landing them cleanly. Brits goes down but back up immediately.
Round 2. Lovely front kick by Wozniak landing well. Brits taking the lead once again. Wozniak starts bleeding from the nose and the ref calls on his the corner to clean up. A swing and a miss from Wozniak and Brits continue to dominate the fight. Both kick and both defend the shots well. Brits once again lands a spectacular punch connecting full on to the face.
Round 3. Both fighters came out swinging. Clear control shown by Brit over the centre of the ring. Exquisite front kick to the jaw by Wozniak. He’s Muay Thai skills show. Brits again lands a right hand to the jaw. Wozniak throws a lousy superman punch with clear indication that he is drained. Ten seconds left and the fighters are giving it there all! The fight goes to the judges score cards and the new PFC Welterweight winner is Emile Brits!

What a way to end the night! Thanks to all the fighters and PFC Promotions for putting on such a spectacular event. Thanks to the sponsors, CiPLA Nutrition,RAM, Blast Energy Drink, Digital Express and all the others. With out you, none of this would be possible. 

Here are the official results:
Bout 1: Daniel defeats  Shaylan Nagel
Bout 2: Dom Baukeart defeats Jene Devoux (TKO)
Bout 3: Robbin Stoffels defeat Tom Varley (first round K.O)
Bout 4: Lunga Sitemba defeats Samuel Esua
Bout 5: Mabhuti Maseti defeats Sheppard Ndlovu
Bout 6: Chaz Williams defeat Faradji Said (to be the new PFC Heavyweight Boxing Champion)
Bout 7: Junaid Fredricks wins by default
Bout 8: Faeez Jacobs defeats Juan Pierre
Bout 9: Hermie Drotschie defeats Patra Ngandu (by submission due to an arm bar)
Bout 10: Amy Visser defeats Letitia Strauss
Bout 11: Adrian Van Wyk defeats Juan-Dre Blaine
Bout 12: Mathew Marais defeats Joshua Ignjatovic
Bout 13: Qaasim Coetzee defeats Juan Lagrotteria Joubert
Bout 14:Emile Brits defeats Rafel Wozniak (to be the new PFC Welterweight K1 Champion)

Article by : Justin Smith
Sponsored by : Commu Print, Lethal Edge MMA


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