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CFL 12 Post Fight Night Review

A spectacular night of great fights is the only way to describe CFL 12. Cape Fight League fighters have once again out done themselves. With a stacked card of 15 fights of which 7 were title fights, you can only imagine the anticipation in the air (unless of course you were there you wouldn't have to imagine).

Already in the first half of the evening, four of the fights didn't make it to the second round. This already set the pace and expectation for the rest of the night.
The first title fight for the evening was a K1 Superam Title Fight between Juan Pierre (Tricore) and Faeez Jacobs (Fighterz Inc). Now, these guys have already met twice in the ring prior to this occasion and this was the third time they would meet. What made this even more thrilling was the fact that their was a title on the line, and with Jacobs taking both previous wins, the odds were in his favour. However early in round one Pierre managed to land a devastating shot to the liver which boosted his confide…

EFC 45 Post Fight

Saturday saw another edition of EFC World Wide right here in Cape Town, as always, at the Grand Arena in Grand West. Now, before I continue, I have to say that to many there were significant upsets. Yes people, the fans were surprised at many of the outcomes. 
Usually I would break down several fights and give you the low down on what happened but this time, I'm going for the jugular. 
Champion Dalcha is the real deal. Not only is he an exciting fighter to watch but he brings back the essence of cage fighting. Going for the kill! This has been missed in MMA as many fighters fight “smarter” these days as they wish to either remain undefeated or not suffer the brute punishment. Dalcha literally demolished the former Light Heavy Weight Champion, Gideon Drotschie who during the fourth round called it quits by verbally submitting. We have seen that several fighters, who previously had significant win streaks, when suffering a loss for one or other reason, struggle to get back to their us…