CFL 12 Post Fight Night Review

A spectacular night of great fights is the only way to describe CFL 12. Cape Fight League fighters have once again out done themselves. With a stacked card of 15 fights of which 7 were title fights, you can only imagine the anticipation in the air (unless of course you were there you wouldn't have to imagine).

Already in the first half of the evening, four of the fights didn't make it to the second round. This already set the pace and expectation for the rest of the night.

The first title fight for the evening was a K1 Superam Title Fight between Juan Pierre (Tricore) and Faeez Jacobs (Fighterz Inc). Now, these guys have already met twice in the ring prior to this occasion and this was the third time they would meet. What made this even more thrilling was the fact that their was a title on the line, and with Jacobs taking both previous wins, the odds were in his favour. However early in round one Pierre managed to land a devastating shot to the liver which boosted his confidence and this was evident in the entire round. Round two, three and four saw Jacobs being extremely active and taking back the control. He landed several devastating combinations and all shots placed very meticulously. Winner by Split Decision and new K1 Superm under 65kg CFL Champion, Faeez Jacobs.

Mathew Lee Marais (Monkon) vs Emile Brits (Tricore) was one of the fights that many were waiting in anticipation for. Both fighters very exciting to watch and neither taking a step back, after all, there was a title on the line. Brits makes good use of his legs and lands them well. Marais good with his hands as well and throws many combinations. This was definitely a tough call for the judges but at the end, one fighter did more than enough to claim the win. Winner by Unanimous Decision and new CFL Under 71kg Superam Champion, Emile Brits.

Joshua Ronald Ignjatovic (Panther) vs Charl Brits (REPS MMA). What can I say except WOW! Legendary! Brits gave Ignjatovic a tough fight. Trying to keep control from the beginning of round one, he never made it easy for Ignjatovic. Relying on his grappling skills he took most of the fight to the floor and gained top control. Ignjatovic is extremely well rounded, and this showed when he was fighting off his back the entire time. An outlandish Capoeira kick from Ignjatovic did the trick. Landing on the button and shifting Brits's equilibrium, Ignjatovic capitalised on this and finished the fight. This was so unorthodox and unexpected. Winner by TKO and new CFL MMA Superam Lightweight Champion, Joshua Ronald Ignjatovic.

The main event saw Etiandro Garcia (Team Elite) vs Ashley Robinson (Tricore) for the Under 71.8kg title fight. This was more than just a title fight, this was a battle of nations. Robinson being South African and Garcia Angolan. Both fighters carrying their flags proudly as they walk in. Robinson being the champion did everything in his power to retain the title. Both fighters showed good composure, picking their shots clearly and landing it. Garcia had a visible reach advantage and used it well. In the first round Robinson landed against the ring with his back and Garcia gave a brutal knee which landed under the arm pit of Robinson which seemed to might have dislocated it, he then followed up with another brutal knee on the outside of the arm which saw Robinson go down in extreme in pain. The ref called the match due to a TKO and the winner and new CFl Under 71.8kg Champion was crowned, Etiandro Garcia.

Here are your official results of the evening:

  1. Mutwale Basambombo def Frank Steyn via TKO (round 2)
  2. Jonathan Matanda def Keanu Joshua via Unanimous Decision
  3. Austin Esau def Gregory Howaeb via TKO (round 1)
  4. Thierry Mukuna def Ernest Reyneke via Submission (guillotine choke, round 1)
  5. Lyle Adriaans def Matthew Massyn via Submission (rear naked choke, round 1)
  6. Byron Sarjoo def Luke Skinner via Submission (guillotine choke, round 1)
  7. Shayn Mac Wyne vs Lou ruled a No Contest 
  8. Faeez Jacobs def Juan Pierre via Split Decision (K1 Superam u/65kg Title Fight)
  9. Emile Brits def Mathew Lee Marais via Unanimous Decision (K1 Superam u/71kg Title Fight)
  10. Rafel Wozniak def Carlo Schippers via TKO (K1 Superam u/63.5kg Title Fight, round 2)
  11. Lucky Van Der Mokate def Alain Kulenfuka via Unanimous Decision (K1 Super Fight u/65kg Title Fight)
  12. Joshua Ronald Ignjatovic def Charl Brits via TKO (MMA Lightweight Title Fight, round 2)
  13. Hermie Drotschie def Duane Jones via Submission (MMA Welterweight Title Fight, round 1)
  14. Karl Bergman def Russel de Villiers via TKO (Catch weight Fight, round 2)
  15. Etiandro Garcia def Ashley Robinson via TKO (K1 Super Fight u/71.5kg Title Fight, round 2)

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