EFC 45 Post Fight

Saturday saw another edition of EFC World Wide right here in Cape Town, as always, at the Grand Arena in Grand West. Now, before I continue, I have to say that to many there were significant upsets. Yes people, the fans were surprised at many of the outcomes. 

Usually I would break down several fights and give you the low down on what happened but this time, I'm going for the jugular. 

Champion Dalcha is the real deal. Not only is he an exciting fighter to watch but he brings back the essence of cage fighting. Going for the kill! This has been missed in MMA as many fighters fight “smarter” these days as they wish to either remain undefeated or not suffer the brute punishment. Dalcha literally demolished the former Light Heavy Weight Champion, Gideon Drotschie who during the fourth round called it quits by verbally submitting. We have seen that several fighters, who previously had significant win streaks, when suffering a loss for one or other reason, struggle to get back to their usual self.

This is also the case with Ruan Potts. We have come to learn that Tumelo Maphutha is an excellent counter fighter. Though not the most exciting, he gets the job done. This was once again proven when he drove through Potts (get it, Truck, drove through …nvm).  Now, many questions have been raised regarding why the former EFC Heavy Height Champion dropped weight to fight at Light Heavy Weight, even though in an article written by SAMMA it highlights that “he seemed very sluggish and would gas very easily”. Though Potts seemed to last longer and not gas easy, he was “tossed around like a rag doll” by Maphutha in the cage. Needless to say Potts never gave which is arguably an admirable trait as in the second round he gave it his all as he tried his very best to submit Maphutha.

Brendon Groenwald looked absolutely remarkable as he stepped into the hex against Tomasz Kowalkski. Now, I’m extremely short but Groenewald looked like tiny against this giant of a man. Kowalkowski had a huge reach advantage on Groenewald and he knew it. Groenewald did well taking the fight to the ground where he submitted Kowalkowski by submission via triangle choke in the very first round.

I honestly believe that Joe Cummins is not showing all he has, and for good reason. His only giving what he needs to in order to go to the “next round”. He has so much more potential but doesn’t want to show us all he has to give. Well at least that what I think. In his fight against Bruno Mukulu one could clearly see the superiority in his game. Mukulu tough as nails not backing down a bit, but one can only do so much when you and being slammed to ground, pinned to the mat and have several elbows and punches rain down on you.

Shana Power and Kirsty Davis both making their EFC debut in the women’s Fly Weight  division is definitely one for the books. From the time the bell rang Power was on the move, sneaking in jabs and high kicks as she went. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Davis got a punch in (will have to watch it again to confirm). It only took Power 1 minute 45 seconds to finish the fight as she rained down a storm of punches in true FFM style.

Here are your official results:
1.     Conrad Seabi def. Robert Simbowe by unanimous decision (30-27)
2.     Francois Groenewald def. Martin De Beer by submission (rear-naked choke). Round 1 (3:11)
3.     Kaleka Kabanda def. Luke Michael by TKO (corner stoppage). Round 1 (5:00)
4.     Francois Kabulu vs. Cameron Pritchard ruled a no-contest (accidental elbow). Round 2 (0:47)
5.     Gary Smit def. Ivan Strydom by TKO (strikes). Round 1 (1:32)
6.     Shana Power def. Kirsty Davis by TKO (punches). Round 1 (1:45)
7.     Danie van Heerden def. Knife Didier by TKO (strikes). Round 1 (3:32)
8.     Joe Cummins def. Bruno Mukulu by unanimous decision (30-27)
9.     Yannick Bahati def. Warren Allison by submission (kimura). Round 1 (3:07)
10. Tumelo Maphutha def. Ruan Potts by unanimous decision (29-28)
11. Brendon Groenewald def. Tomasz Kowalkowski by submission (triangle choke). Round 1 (2:37)
12. Champion Dalcha def. Gideon Drotschie by verbal submission. Round 4 (1:10)

Next EFC World Wide event will be 12 December at Carnival City, Johannesburg.

Article by: Justin Smith

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