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Ground Zero

Whenever I go to Parow for a fight night, I'm never disappointed. Ground Zero made sure my visit this time around would be just as memorable. The night had a little bit of everything, from a fight ending after a 19 second KO to a fight being called off completely by the officials, due to a massive weight difference between the two scheduled fighters. The main bout was an interesting one, as it was a heavyweight, White Collar Boxing match. It saw Ronaldo Mathews taking on Bobby Mnisi from Pretoria. Ronaldo is determined and commited to every punch by landing some nice shots but Bobby has some other plans, as he goes forward and throws a few of his own combos. The round is very evenly matched. Ronaldo connects with a few hard hits to the face and body of Mnisi. Mnisi does not back down and lands with a jab staight to the nose. As expected from any heavyweight fight, it could have gone either way if the fight was a bit longer. Mnisi did however seem very gassed by the end of round …