Ground Zero

Whenever I go to Parow for a fight night, I'm never disappointed. Ground Zero made sure my visit this time around would be just as memorable. The night had a little bit of everything, from a fight ending after a 19 second KO to a fight being called off completely by the officials, due to a massive weight difference between the two scheduled fighters. The main bout was an interesting one, as it was a heavyweight, White Collar Boxing match. It saw Ronaldo Mathews taking on Bobby Mnisi from Pretoria. Ronaldo is determined and commited to every punch by landing some nice shots but Bobby has some other plans, as he goes forward and throws a few of his own combos. The round is very evenly matched. Ronaldo connects with a few hard hits to the face and body of Mnisi. Mnisi does not back down and lands with a jab staight to the nose. As expected from any heavyweight fight, it could have gone either way if the fight was a bit longer. Mnisi did however seem very gassed by the end of round 2. So with it being White Collar, Mnisi was lucky, as i doubt he would've lasted longer against a guy like Ronaldo. The real stand out moment for me was when a rather young Ismail Kadrie stepped into the ring for his debut boxing match. Under the watchfull eyes of Emil Brice, head coach at Brice's Boxing Academy, Ismail went about business in the ring like a pro. Patiently timing each punch and combo he throws, connecting with almost everything. While his opponent is getting seemingly aggressive and a bit sloppy, the youngster of BBA remains calm and focuses on the task at hand. Though no winner was called at the end of the fight, (due to it being under White Collar rules), Ismail was the winner in my eyes and in those of everyone else watching. I could tell his coach, Emil Brice was just as proud of the young man, as he could not stop smilling and expressing his pride. If Ismail shows this much commitment in the ring and gym for the next few years, we might see this youngster with an olympic medal or even a title for that matter. Another impressive showing came from the Top Primate Academy team. A fighter by the name of Boris van Haupt to be exact. Being led to the ring by head coach Rowan Katzew and Boxing coach Raisin Kulenfuka, Boris was focused. The look in his eyes said it all, he came to finish things and finish it fast. As the fight got under way, it was over again. Boris led with a jab and caught his opponent by surprise. Following his jab was a flurry of punches, all hitting the target like a seasoned sniper. Within 19 seconds, Van Haupt dropped Lyle Breda and left him hanging against the ropes while the ref went about the 10 count. Top Primate may be the new guys on the block but dont be fooled, they have the ability to get the best out of their fighters. Ground Zero promised and delivered a good night of fighting. Not only did they showcase some good fighters but also the variety of styles that each competing gym had to offer. From a very impressive Top Primate Academy and Brice's Boxing Academy, to Monkon Muay Thai, Young Guns, Panther Fighting Arts, Impakt, Tricore and the guys from Pinelands Fight Club. All these fighters had one thing in mind and that was to be the best they could be. Well done to Christiaan Groenewald and Ivan de Vries on a memorable event. I'm looking forward to Ground Zero 2.

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