EFC 47: The Good, The Bad and The Difference

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EFC 47 was one of the most awaited EFC World Wide show downs up to date. On the 5th of March 2016, Carnival City was buzzing. There were 11 bouts in total ranging from debuts to title fights but the Boyd vs Mynhardt fight created the popularity that EFC 47 gained.

There were electrifying as well as tactless fights. Of course, the latter provide some good material for the coaches and fighters to create their strategies and grow as MMA athletes. I don’t determine a fight to be exciting merely because of a win. It is technique that makes me deem a fight exciting. One of tactless fights (in my opinion) was Pretorius vs Abamba, where Abamba fell right onto the submission of Pretorius. It seemed like Abamba focused solely on his stand up game but had no ground defence knowledge at all. While Pretorius was setting up for a submission on the ground, Abamba didn’t even see it coming which was a little bit of a shock. That is why the submission came very easy. This is something for the coaches to focus on.

The Kanyeba vs Mulumba fight was also one of the fights that will make for a good study. The issue here was that you had two fighters with massive punching power, both with the same problem. Their connection rate was very low. The fight should have ended up in a K.O. in the first round. Coaches should really capitalise on the strengths of these fighters.

In terms of the exciting fights, KIM vs De Klerk fight was the first stunner of the night. It was Kim’s debut fight and what this fighter displayed was amazing. He slipped out of two submissions, and it wasn’t by luck. It was because of technique. His ground defence was at pro level. For a person who was fighting in the EFC hexagon for the first time, Kim fought like an experienced MMA fighter with a fantastic ground game (will definitely be doing some research on him).

Then there was the exciting fight between Buys and De Beer which Buys won with a Rear Neck Choke. The impressive thing about Buys was his form on the day. The young man was entirely focused and this was proven at how he managed to get his submission accurately.

Mnikathi is a guy who used to clean gyms and became a pro MMA athlete from then. His, is a very good story to tell. Although he was out classed by Katz, Mnikathi showed great form taking into consideration how he started. On the same note, it was fantastic to see Katz being an aggressor in the fight. He stalked Mnikathi with great focus and concentration. Being the aggressor will buy you favours with the judges. Also, Mnikathi didn’t make weight which seemed to rather piss off Kwatz.

The shocker of the night was the 10 second TKO by Lino. She managed to end the fight against Trosee very quickly with a couple of punches. This shows the importance of experience as she came in with only a one fight advantage over Trosee. Both athletes are at the early stages of their career and Lino is showing signs that she will be around for a very long time.

The next two fights were the best of the night. Boyd took on Mynhardt in one of the most anticipated fights (HASHTAG Super Fight). Boyd showed a lot of composure and focus as he outclassed Mynhardt. Although there was a lot of bleeding from Mynhardt, the excitement was about Boyd’s approach to the fight. This fight was all about saving fuel, and Boyd understood that very well. Using too much energy, as Mynhardt did, exhausts the body thereby making it tough to keep your hands up. Mynhardt was looking for a knock out from the first round which consumed a lot of his energy. That is why Boyd had connected with almost all of his jabs. Mynhardt burnt too much fuel and could’t keep his guard up. Mynhardt said in the build up video that when he prepares for a fight he doesn’t worry about his opponent and mainly focuses on his game. That might have been his downfall because he didn’t have an approach for Boyd. On the other hand, it was clear that Boyd has studied his opponent based on the fact that he stayed away from the IRON FIST!

Kabesa brought back the belt to Africa by completely dominating the first four rounds against Henry. The biggest observation here was that Kabesa’s wrestling technique was flawless. This was also admitted by Henry after the fight. Kabesa also showed a solid stand up game. In the middle of round two it was already evident that Henry did not have any strategy for Kebase as Kabesa was solid both on the ground and in the stand up. The big moment was when Henry managed to hook in a Rear Neck Choke towards the end of round 4. Most spectators had already established that Kabesa was going to tap out, however, the new champ showed why he is amongst the best MMA fighters by hanging on to the choke till the round ended. Henry dominated the last round but it was already too late.

This was a spectacular evening which showed that fighters that are surrounded by a great team will be trained to be all round fighters. This was reflected in the fighters from Fight Fit Militia including Boyd, Buys and Kabesa. Let’s look forward to ECF 48.

Article by: Sibusiso Nkosi


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