Every dream starts off as an idea, an idea that requires an endless amount of hours and sleepless nights. In the end when that dream gets turned into reality, you can step back and say, "I did it".

Petro Cignoli and Grant Oliff know all too well about the hardships of making a dream come true. With the hope of raising enough money for their development program, Fighting Fit Kensington, they hosted a full day of action, including a BJJ event, but the real highlight was Fightstar 1. On 2 December 2012, Fightstar was born. Hosted at a location big enough for just about 300 people, they ended up stacking the place almost double, as 500 people were there to watch. As impressive as this sounds, Grant Oliff jokingly confirmed, that out of the 500 fans in attendance, only 150 of them actually paid for a ticket.

Nonetheless the night was a success as the main event had current EFC Featherweight Barend 'BB Gun' Nienaber taking on Jordan Machtle, a Chris Bright prodigy. BB Gun however came up short as he lost the fight due to an armbar submission. From this moment on, they decided to step up their game going bigger and better. Since then, Fightstar has been the top platform for 3 years and promises to keep this going and produce top events for athletes. Grant said. " the end of the day, that is what it's all about, the athletes. Without these guys and girls there is no show, they come in and put on the fight of their lives...". To date, FFM, CIT and World of Warriors have been the most successful gyms. All three have produced top champions and have gone on to bigger things, most notably, EFC Championship glory.

This year, Fightstar will be looking to travel and visit a few new areas, taking the event to more fans. Even more exciting, they are in talks with an international partner and we might even see them on main stream TV. So if you're a fan of local MMA as I am, then Fightstar is the event for you.

Important notice, before posting this article, we received news from Grant Oliff, that they signed a 3 year partnership with WSOF (World Series Of Fighting). This deal does not just benefit South Africa but also the greater Southern African countries.

Well done Fightstar on this amazing achievement!

Article by: Darren McClean

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