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5 Special Things To Remember About EFC 48

The weather was chaotic on the 22 of April in Cape Town as fans made their way to Grandwest Casino to catch EFC 48. It was as if Mother Nature was excited about what would be one of the best EFC clashes in history.  There are numerous things that made this series electrifying, but there are five things that made it really special.

1 : The 19 Second KO
Is there a new trend developing in MMA? In EFC 47 we saw Amanda “Mad Dog” Lino demolish Jacqualine "Demolition Jacqui" Trosee in 10 seconds. With EFC 48, Botha destroyed Mdoko in just 19 seconds. It seems like these quick jobs are becoming a norm in every series and we expect to see more of them in the next clashes as well. They make every series exciting.

2 : Escaping the Choke
Many of us watched Sayed stuck in Doyle’s choke. At that moment, the fight was sealed and Doyle was the winner. It was done. However, seeing Sayed peel off the choke like it was a Banana and then stand up with Doyle still on his back was a serious wond…

EFC 48: Battle for the TITLES!

Friday 22nd April saw another edition of EFC World Wide live at Grand Arena, Grand West in the Mother City. Nothing out of the ordinary, except a vicious storm causing havoc over the city and EFC being broadcast via e-tv (delayed tansmission).  Statistics of EFC 47 indicated that EFC was broadcast to over 1.5 million unique viewers and I can only gather that the tellies have increased.
With that being said, two titles were on the line. The Interim Bantam Weight Title and the much coveted Heavy Weight Title. Now for those of you who do not know what the difference between the Title and Interim Title is, click here.
Personally I think this might have been one of the more illustrious Fight Nights in Cape Town in an exceptionally long time. With seven first round finishes (4 TKO's, 1 KO and 2 Submissions) you have to believe that the fans found themselves out of their seats more often than anticipated.
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