5 Special Things To Remember About EFC 48

The weather was chaotic on the 22 of April in Cape Town as fans made their way to Grandwest Casino to catch EFC 48. It was as if Mother Nature was excited about what would be one of the best EFC clashes in history.  There are numerous things that made this series electrifying, but there are five things that made it really special.

1 : The 19 Second KO
Is there a new trend developing in MMA? In EFC 47 we saw Amanda “Mad Dog” Lino demolish Jacqualine "Demolition Jacqui" Trosee in 10 seconds. With EFC 48, Botha destroyed Mdoko in just 19 seconds. It seems like these quick jobs are becoming a norm in every series and we expect to see more of them in the next clashes as well. They make every series exciting.

2 : Escaping the Choke
Many of us watched Sayed stuck in Doyle’s choke. At that moment, the fight was sealed and Doyle was the winner. It was done. However, seeing Sayed peel off the choke like it was a Banana and then stand up with Doyle still on his back was a serious wonder to see. This was a very special moment and this is what keeps fans looking for more. After such a display, he deserved to win that fight hands down.

3 : Two body kick knock outs
A knock out by a body kick is very rare. It is a MMA unicorn. But with these series, we saw two of them. Madge delivered one against Chelin.  It was accurate and precise. Then his team mate, Toure, also delivered one of his own. This really made EFC 48 a special tournament. Chances of us seeing this again are seriously rare.

4 : The Story of Fight Fit Militia
There is a very tight community made out of Warriors. This community supports each other. This community shows great commitment to the sport. This community is Fight Fit Militia. From the moment an FFM athlete walks into the ring, you see focus. When they fight, you see technique. You see hours and hours of effective training. FFM fighters make every series special. Yes, they win the fights...but it is about how they “wow” you with their precision and Skill. In EFC 48, we saw the likes of Hulme, Madge and Toure show us how it should be done. And get this... both unicorns discussed on point number 3 were delivered by the FFM fighters.

5 : Clash of the titans
Now, there are many views with regards to the heavy weight fight. While some have expressed that both Van Herredn and Groenewald were not fit, some felt that they were not ready at all. And that conversation is what made this fight special. Fans took to different social media platforms to debate this and this showed us that there are still a lot of fans of the sport. As for the fight itself, it is hard to comment on it but every time a warrior enters the hexagon, we salute them. And these two fighters should be saluted.

In closing, EFC 48 was truely special. A lot of rare things happened. Some gyms outshined other gyms. The losers have another training video now. And the winners made a lot of people who placed their bets on BetXchange very happy. Now, we wait for EFC 49 back in Johannesburg.

Article by: Sibusiso Nkosi


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