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Theo Marais Sports Park played host to one of the best MMA nights in Cape Town CFL 15. With an impressive 4 titles on the line, Cape Fight League did not disappoint at all.
One of the more talked about moments on the night was that of Juan Bezuidenhoudt of Young Guns against Nico 'The Lion' Yamdjie of Profitness. Within the first minute of the first round, referee Rico Hattingh called time to the fight after Juan received an alleged low blow from Yamdjie. After recovering from the blow, the fight was back underway. Yamdjie seemed to have his focus back while Juan was trying to get into the rhythm of the fight. Yamdjie smothered Juan by being up close and in his face and landing punches all over his body. Juan seemed to be out of it, when his guard gets split a few times with perfectly executed shots from Yamdjie. After receiving a few more punches to the body and face, referee Hattingh called an end to the fight declaring Nico Yamdjie the new Heavyweight Champ.
Juan and his …

Fightstar FS18: Who would get which award?

On Saturday the 7th of May 2016 we witnessed 17 exceptional bouts at the 18th instalment of Fightstar.  The Primrose hall in Germiston was packed with not only Fans, but fighters from E.F.C Africa as well. It was great to see the legends come through to support the upcoming warriors. On the night we saw the likes of JP Kruger walk some of the fighters that he coaches into the cage. Brendon Katz also walked in fighters from his gym. Boyd Allen was also there to rally behind the young fighters from his camp with support from the like of JP Buys and Mark Hulme.
MMAFundi was there to witness it all. All though all 17 bouts were on point, we took a different angle in terms of analysing the event by asking: if awards were handed out to different fights, who would get which award? This will give you a clearer picture of the event.
1. Entry of the Night If this award was to be given, it would be given to Frans Van Niekerk. Van Niekerk entered the ring with his two kids both wearing Iron Man m…

Joshua 'Zeus' Ignjatovic, journey to Last Fighter Standing

I had the pleasure of meeting Joshua Ignjatovic for coffee and an interview. Keeping everything cool and settling in, I was soon able to get to know the guy behind the fighter. All this before the actual interview started. Though a ring name as Zeus is enough to make any opponent shake in their boots, (or gloves since MMA fighters don't wear boots), Josh is one of the nicest guys I've met in a long time.
A dedicated fighter in MMA and K1, Joshua 'Zeus' Ignjatovic knows what it takes to be at the top of his game and working hard to stay there.
Starting out with Kickboxing in school as a way of self-defence, he soon fell in love with the sport. He later on, with the motivation of his girlfriend, joined Panther Fighter Arts and under the guidance of Anthony Kettle, Josh soon got set for his first fight. Since that first fight, he went from strength to strength. Though he has suffered his share of defeats, the pain of a loss was taken away by the support from family and f…

All Roads Lead to the Dome: Last Fighter Standing Launches 2016 with Four Prelim Bouts

Saturday the 28th November 2015, myself along with other fighters, gyms, coaches and event organisers were invited to a media conference which announced the launch of a brand new combat sport platform called Last Fighter Standing. The concept was introduced to us by the  Russian born spokesperson, Darius Jacovchuck, who has lived in South Africa most of life. The conference was held at the River Club and we were well received. He explained in exceptional detail the vision behind the LFS and you could hear the excitement in his voice. So with that said, he is the press release with more details on the event.
April 2016 Leading up to the October 2016 National Championship that will pit local professional fighters from various martial arts against one another, Last Fighter Standing (LFS) has announced its four preliminary regional dates.
Professional fighters from around the country will compete in the city closest to their home in an 8-man elimination tournament that will see the winners …