Fightstar FS18: Who would get which award?

Picture by Fightstar
On Saturday the 7th of May 2016 we witnessed 17 exceptional bouts at the 18th instalment of Fightstar.  The Primrose hall in Germiston was packed with not only Fans, but fighters from E.F.C Africa as well. It was great to see the legends come through to support the upcoming warriors. On the night we saw the likes of JP Kruger walk some of the fighters that he coaches into the cage. Brendon Katz also walked in fighters from his gym. Boyd Allen was also there to rally behind the young fighters from his camp with support from the like of JP Buys and Mark Hulme.

MMAFundi was there to witness it all. All though all 17 bouts were on point, we took a different angle in terms of analysing the event by asking: if awards were handed out to different fights, who would get which award? This will give you a clearer picture of the event.

1. Entry of the Night
If this award was to be given, it would be given to Frans Van Niekerk. Van Niekerk entered the ring with his two kids both wearing Iron Man masks. This was the coolest entry of the night which really got fans smiling. But it was made clear that a cool entry will not necessarily win you a fight. Both Van Niekerk and his opponent, Adrian Hatting, gave us a fast paced stand up brawl. Although Van Niekerk came out strong, Hatting took this fight with a first round TKO. Could he have lost his momentum when the fight was stopped to deduct a point? All we know is that he was knocked down after the brief stop.

2. Come Back of the Night
MMA female fighters always bring their A game in these events. This was no different in the fight between Imke Smith and Maure Miller. Miller was the aggressor and overwhelmed Smith with some precise punches. When the fight went to the ground, Miller had exceptional ground defence and proved that she was an all round fighter. After dominating Smith in the first round and most part of the second, it was astonishing to see Smith drop Miller with a rain of punches and win the bout with a TKO. This was due to the fact that Miller was caught in a choke that she later escaped. However, it had taken so much out of her and she became easy prey for Smith who went in for the kill. That was the comeback of the night.

3. Most Professional fight
The fight between Emil Gutsche and Sloane Goosen felt like it was an EFC Africa bout. We saw two solid fighters with technique that is way beyond an amateur match. You could see that there was great training behind these fighters.  This fight was the first fight to go all three rounds. We saw clean and pristine punches from Goosen as well as steady legs.  Both fighters displayed amazing kicks with professional ground defense by Gutsche. Both fighters utilised their fuel efficiently. In all three rounds they never displayed fatigue. All three rounds opened up with a stand up game and advanced to a ground game where Goosen spent time being the aggressor and Gutcshe showing great defense from the bottom.  At the end, Goosen became the judges’ favourite because he was the aggressor and won by points. This fight was very solid and professional.

4. Escape of the Night
At the end of round three when Orlando Mashaba was announced as the winner, Johannes Rudolph kept shaking his head in disappointment. You could see that he was frustrated with himself. That is because he set up several triangles during 3 rounds bout which were locked in perfectly but Mashaba kept escaping them. This was amazing to all the fans as well because some o f the triangles seemed completely sealed but Mashaba just kept getting out. This was truly impressive and he definitely destroyed Rudolph’s game plan. Mashaba’s corner was very active, shouting instructions to help him escape all the triangles and aggress from the top. That support worked and he won the fight by points. 

5. Fan Rivalry of the Night
With the fight between Stephen Goncalves and Quade Allen, the bout was actually between the fans. Both fighters had warm welcomes, each coming from different sides of the hall. Every fan wanted to show their support for their fighter by screaming loud. This was a serious buzz in the hall and the most electrifying moment in the whole event. A stern warning was given to EFC fighter Mark Hulme by one of the female fans who told him that he was on the wrong side of the camp just when the fight was about to begin. There was clear division in the venue and everyone kept their side closed. When the fight started, it was a competition between fans. Chants were coming from different sides. Goncalves went on to win the fight by TKO in a fashion that left Allen’s fans extremely disappointed. Allen left his face open while taunting Goncalves. When Goncalves took advantage of this and threw some punches, Allen kept taunting him and did not even make an effort to block or duck. Eventually, he went down.

If this turned into an award ceremony, these would be the awards. Looking forward to Fightstar FS19!

All title shots were successfully defended
On another note, all the title fights were successfully defended at Fightstar 18. Submissions were the order of the day in terms of title fight defenses. The results were as follows:
1.       Francois Dos Santos defended his Welterweight title against Shaun Van Tonder triangle in round one.
2.       Devon Cronje defended his Bantamweight title against Daniel Duda with a first round Rear Naked Choke.
3.       Roedie Roets defended his Lightweight title against Nerick Simoes with a heel hook.

Congratulations to these fighters! Well done champs!

Article by : Sibusiso Nkosi


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