Theo Marais Sports Park played host to one of the best MMA nights in Cape Town CFL 15. With an impressive 4 titles on the line, Cape Fight League did not disappoint at all.

One of the more talked about moments on the night was that of Juan Bezuidenhoudt of Young Guns against Nico 'The Lion' Yamdjie of Profitness. Within the first minute of the first round, referee Rico Hattingh called time to the fight after Juan received an alleged low blow from Yamdjie. After recovering from the blow, the fight was back underway. Yamdjie seemed to have his focus back while Juan was trying to get into the rhythm of the fight. Yamdjie smothered Juan by being up close and in his face and landing punches all over his body. Juan seemed to be out of it, when his guard gets split a few times with perfectly executed shots from Yamdjie. After receiving a few more punches to the body and face, referee Hattingh called an end to the fight declaring Nico Yamdjie the new Heavyweight Champ.

Juan and his fans felt the fight was stopped prematurely and believes he still had enough in him to continue. He made his anger felt by posting various status updates on social media platform Facebook. (Stay tuned to as we will do a follow up on this and other MMA rules.)

The only ladies bout of the night saw Lyndall Sandenbergh taking on the 23 year old Megan McCormack. With a 10 year age gap between the two, McCormack seemed like the more experienced fighter in the cage. Pacing along nicely and following the champs every move but Sandenbergh did not stand back. The champ left McCormack with a nasty gash at the top of her right eye by the end of round 1. Round 2 saw Sandenbergh taking shot after shot but refusing to go down. At the end of the night the fighting spirit of Sandenbergh was not enough, as McCormack won the fight and taking the Bantamweight Title via Guillotine, 1:15 into round 3.

Defending Welterweight Champ, Hermie Drotschie came up against a determined Mutwale Basambombo from PFA. Tension between the two was already clear when they had an electric and motionless stare down at the press conference the previous. Mutwale had one thing on his mind...take the title away from Drotschie. During the 1st round Drotschie got Mutwale on the canvas and locked in a heel hook. Somehow Mutwale hung in there and managed to get out of it and back on his feet. This move seemed to have taken a lot out of Drotschie as only after a few shots from Mutwale, he was gassed. Drotschie was able to get through the second round but only barely. During that round and what was left of the 3rd, Mutwale went full beast mode by giving the champ his all, yet playing around with him. The fight was stopped by the ref 4:30 into the 3rd round.

Kyle Whittaker and Richie fought for the vacant Middleweight title. A fight that Whittaker won via Triangle Choke, 2:30 into round 2. This fight could have gone either way, as Richie was dominant in the 1st few minutes of the 1st round. Whittaker however had other plans by taking dominance back close to the end of the round. Going into round 2, Whittaker drops Richie with two well-timed right hands, dropping him to the mat. With both on the mat, Richie got full guard but the defence from the bottom of Whittaker was too good. Kyle Whittaker was crowned the new Middleweight Champ.

The full fight card and result:

1- Quwyn Simpson beat Ruan Coetzee via Triangle - 1:00 Round 1
2- Muthunzi Mncube beat Task Gorimbo via Unanimous Decision
3- Lyle Adriaans beat Christian Alvatar via Guillotine -1:00 Round 1
4- Fafa beat Alesandro Simpson via TKO - 1:00 Round 1
5- Storm Bristow beat Roelof Schaaf via TKO - 2:00 Round 2
6- Jaco Smit beat Bennie Liebenberg via TKO - 1:00 Round 1
7- Matthew Massyn beat Randel Seale via TKO - 1:00 Round 1
8- Willem Marais beat Giani Muanza via Unanimous Decision
9- Megan McCormack beat Lyndall Sandenbergh via Guillotine - 3:00 Round 3
10- Mutwale Basambombo beat Hermie Drotschie via TKO -3:00 Round 3
11- Kyle Whittaker beat Richie via Triangel - 2:00 Round 2
12- Nico Yamdjie beat Juan Bezuidenhoudt via TKO - 1:00 Round 1

The organising team of Cape Fight League and Jam Media went all out to ensure the fans had a blast and they delivered. Well done to all for making it so memorable night.
Keep an eye on the Cape Fight League Facebook page for date and venue for the next exciting event.

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