Transformation in Kickboxing: Western Province Kickboxing Association

On Saturday the 4th of June, the Western Province Kickboxing Association (WPKA) met with gyms from all over Cape Town. This meeting was held to discuss the new law of Transformation in sport which was handed down by the Minister of Sport and Recreation, Mr Fikile Mbalula.

Dorette Biccard, the WPKA Transformation Officer, ran the meeting and had this to say, "Western Province Kickboxing Association will be focusing on transformation of the sport.

What is transformation?
Transformation is the process of growing the sport and to make it accessible for all people to participate regardless of age, race and gender. We will focus on promoting the sport on TV, radio, newspapers and social media. We're also starting an "Adopt a School" project were we would like each kickboxing gym to get a school involved and offer kickboxing lessons to the children. We would also like to see that each gym have a woman self-defense program in order to empower woman to defend themselves. We would like to encourage new gyms to open in previously disadvantaged areas. We are also planning a weekly woman of the week shout out on social media and we would like gyms to communicate with us and tell us what amazing woman fighters they have. Communication is key. It is crucial that all gyms notify me of any promotion they do, of planned events and of any exceptional fighters they have. We also urgently need their transformation numbers in order to complete our transformation score card. By completing our score card we will be in good standing with the department of sport and recreation, and they will then help us with funding for our transformation projects." 

Ok, let me break it down for you in plain and simple English. The Government has already taken all funding away from Kickboxing (and other sport, you can read more here). They also require gyms to meet transformation figures. At this point there is no defined percentage (%) but there definitely needs to be an increase in non-white members and government wants the current figures of all gyms.

So who are considered to be non-white (or black) in South Africa? Well here is the answer to that question. All ethnically regarded as "Black, Coloured, Asian or Indian" are all categorised as being black or non-white. 

All this information needs to be captured on the scorecard along with the following information of the gyms students:
  • How many are male and female
  • How many are children
  • How many are disabled
  • What are their ethnic groups

Other topics discussed in this meeting were:
  • Adopt a school
  • Funding for disadvantage areas
  • Coaches and officials
  • What is required to become a coach or assistant coach
  • Programs gyms should run

For more information on the topics discussed, please contact Dorette Biccard at (WPKA Transformation Officer).

Article by: Justin Smith 

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