The Saga Continues: Zeus' Journey to The Dome.

After the last interview with Joshua 'Zeus' Ignjatovic, he switched gyms, going from Panther Fighting Arts to Pride Fighting Academy. PFA has become a gym filled with champions, with two fighters recently winning titles in their respective divisions at Cape Fight League 15.

Joshua was in the first fight on the card after being drawn against Alain Kulenfuka at the weigh-ins on Friday 8th July at the Sunningdale Sports Complex. With them being former sparing partners, this fight showed alot of promise as Joshua got in a big right hook that nearly dropped Kulenfuka. Being on the backfoot most of round 1 and 2, Kulenfuka needed to change his plan. Joshua however had other plans with a takedown and beautifully timed shots just before the end of the round. The 3rd round was also in the hands of Josh even with Kulenfuka putting up a fight, but it was too late. The winner of the bout was Joshua. He advanced to the semi-final round where he was set to face Tylor McMurtie.

Being in the first fight on the card, he now had some time to recover while the other fights are going on. He would be in a possible third fight if he manages to defeat McMurtie in the next round.
McMurtie set up a decent fight against Joshua, not backing down and landing a few shots of his own. There was not much between them but in the end, the fighter with the better use of the ring and the one landing more clean shots will be the winner. Joshua progressed to the final fight in the division.

In the next fight and most likely the toughest of the night, he is set to face one of Cape Town's best strikers in Christiano Ndombassy. Ndombassy with a record of 24-6 (wins-losses) was set to be his toughest fight on the night. In the one corner, you had one of the best strikers in Cape Town and very humble fighter. In the other corner you have a former Lightweight MMA Champion and all round Martial Artist, this had fight of the night written all over it.

Ndombassy seemed to be in control of the stand up exchanges. Being patient and following Joshua around the ring. Joshua however who is an MMA fighter, made full use of the allowed 20 second ground and pound rule by charging for the takedown and landing shots at will. This tactic went on for the entire 5, 2 minute rounds. With the decision going to the judges, Joshua was declared the winner and will now be making his way to The Dome.

Joshua 'Zeus' Ignjatovic has at a young age become one of the top MMA fighters in Cape Town. Be sure to follow his progress as he prepares to face the rest of the South African Prelim Lightweight winners, when they all meet up on the 15th October in Johannesburg.

See you at The Dome for Last Fighter Standing.

Article by: Darren McClean

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