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Having good gear is always important to any athlete. Having great great is even better. The guys from down under (Australia) have finally brought their brand to South Africa. What makes this gear better you ask? Well, "the engineered waistband technology provides compression through an advanced and innovative knitting process, which improves core stability". You can read more below.

Supacore, an Australian compression wear brand that offers the latest technology in recovery and injury prevention is now available in South Africa. The compression garments are designed with the latest technology to provide the ultimate quality in compression, comfort, fit and performance. Supacore’s Coretech technology is registered under Therapeutic Goods Australia and is classified as a medical device. The medicinal benefits to physiotherapists give Supacore a distinct point of difference to our competitors.
“This is a superior, high quality brand imported from A…

LFS Rules and Regulations - Part 1

As we are getting ever so close to the final stage of Last Fighter Standing, all the finalists came together along with LFS CEO Quinton van de Burgh and LFS presenter, Micheal Jai White at the Sun City resort for a training camp. While the fighters are getting familiar with some more techniques and lessons from Micheal Jai White, I thought it would only be fitting to introduce the fans to the Official Last Fighter Standing Rules and Regulations. This will be a regular feature coming as we build up to the finals. In this segment, I will be focusing on Section 8.4 Method on Sccoring for Judges and 8.5 Scorekeeper's Duties.


The three scoring judges of a bout will select a winner of each round at the end of each round, marking their ballots accordingly. These ballots will be collected by the assistant scorekeeper, and tabulated at the end of each round by the scorekeeper and LFS Representative. Once ballots have been marked by the respective scoring…

EFC52: The Cape Storm has arrived

It was the week of Municipal Elections around South Africa and with that, many political parties made promises (Including Africa's leading MMA organisation, EFC). EFC came through and really delivered on their promise to the people of Cape Town.

With a much waited for fight between former trainer and student in Jadyson Costa and Don 'The Magic Man' Madge. Fans were also lining up and talking about what promised to be a slug fest between Champion Dalcha and Tumelo 'The Truck' Maphuta.

Before we get to those fights, we take a look at the other bouts on the main card. The first fight on the card saw Sibusiso 'The Monster' Mdoko take on Saxon 'The One Minute Monster' Delafield. Both fighters came into this bout currently on a losing streak and only one of them were able to change things around. That man was Delafield, who stayed true to his nickname by disposing of Mdoko in an impressive 48 seconds of the 1st round by locking in a Guillotine and making…

Training Session - Fighterz Inc.

Have you ever walked into a Martial Arts training centre and felt intimidated by the students and coaches because you are the new guy (or girl)? I have, but this was not the case when I visited Fighterz Inc. a few weeks back. In fact it was quit the opposite.

Being greeted by a bunch of friendly faces immediately set me at ease, and as I confusingly walked around not knowing where to stand or what to do, some of the students geared me in the right direction.

Although I have been training for a number of years, I always humble myself when walking into another training institution. As all martial artist would know, respect is one of the core fundamentals of this long aged tradition. Co-incidentally, this also happens to be part of the Fighterz Inc. motto.

Our Motto Respect. Discipline. Commitment.
God first, believe in yourself and never doubt. Training was intense and extremely technical. So getting a good work out while learning how to defend yourself properly is definitely a winning …