EFC52: The Cape Storm has arrived


It was the week of Municipal Elections around South Africa and with that, many political parties made promises (Including Africa's leading MMA organisation, EFC). EFC came through and really delivered on their promise to the people of Cape Town.

With a much waited for fight between former trainer and student in Jadyson Costa and Don 'The Magic Man' Madge. Fans were also lining up and talking about what promised to be a slug fest between Champion Dalcha and Tumelo 'The Truck' Maphuta.

Before we get to those fights, we take a look at the other bouts on the main card. The first fight on the card saw Sibusiso 'The Monster' Mdoko take on Saxon 'The One Minute Monster' Delafield. Both fighters came into this bout currently on a losing streak and only one of them were able to change things around. That man was Delafield, who stayed true to his nickname by disposing of Mdoko in an impressive 48 seconds of the 1st round by locking in a Guillotine and making The Monster tap.

I personally feel it is time for Mdoko to seek a new gym as he comes into his fights with pride and fire but has been lacking something new. Being a former title contender, Mdoko has alot to offer his fans and a change in coaching staff might just do the trick.

The second fight had Tumisang 'The President' Madiba vs Sindile Manengela. During the first round, Manengela showed his worth and Judo technique by executing a few beautiful takedowns. His time under Chris Bright really showed to make a difference in his style. Madiba having more fights under his name and also 3 first round finishes, he was planning on getting this fight done quickly. Manengela did not make things easy as round 1 quickly came to an end. With another takedown from Manengela in the second round, Madiba capitalised and got top guard. In this postision, Madiba rained down a few heavy hands to the head of Manengela. The ref took a very close look at things and had no choice but to call the fight. Madiba won the fight 3:52sec into the second round. During the interview, Madiba called on EFC Matchmaker Greame Cartmel for a better macthup, "Greame, find me someone who does things different. All these guys fight the same". Let's hope Cartmel finds Madiba the challenge he wants.

Fight three on the main card had Bruno 'Major' Mukulu vs Wade 'Wendo' Henderson. Henderson who was out of EFC for 2 years due to personal reasons, took this fight on short notice and hasn't won since 2013. Mukulu with a very big fan base in Cape Town, had the DRC natives on their feet as he entered the arena and making his way to the Hexagon.

Round 1 saw both fighters using their feet very well. A kick from Henderson grazed the groin of Mukulu. The ref called time but after a few seconds, Mukulu was ready to go. As the fight restarted, Henderson jumped onto Mukulu to lock in a standing guillotine. Mukulu slipped out and took the fight to the mat. With Mukulu having top guard, Henderson made full use of his ground game by striking from the bottom position. Henderson managed to get out of an elbow lock and leg lock right before the end of the firts round.

Mukulu started the second round of with a bang as he moved forward and tagged Henderson that had him going backwards. Mukulu senses that Henderson was in pain, he went in for the kill. Mukulu went forward and landed a kick right in the abdomen of Henderson and dropped him to the mat. The ref jumped in between the two fighters as he could see Henderson had enough. Mukulu won the fight 1:05sec into round 2.

Champion Dalcha Lungiambula vs Tumelo 'The Truck' Maphuta. A fight that had many people talking as these are two guys who are known as the hardest hittest in the organisation. The expectation was high. At the start of the first round, it was clear that we will see a repeat of the Maphuta vs Drotschie fight. A fight that had both guys waiting before they engage due to the power they posses. This tecnique by Dalcha and Maputa had the crowd booing...they wanted a slug fest. This went on for most of the 5 rounds. the times these two actually went toe to toe, the fans were screaming and shouting. Dalcha was clearly the more dominant fighter on the ground as he suffocated Maphuta most of the time on the mat. The BJJ training of Dalcha could be what won him the fight in the end as he beat Maphuta by Unanimous Desicion to claim the Interim Light Heavyweight Title. The downfall for Maphuta was, he showed too much respect to Dalcha. When standing and trading, Maphuta seemed to be the aggresor and more dominant, making Dalcha miss but hardly ever following up with a counter shot.

The main event fight saw Don 'Magic Man' Madge aginst former BJJ trainer Jadyson Costa. This fight was more important then any title fight, this fight was for Madge to show he is alot better since the last time Costa stood infront of him. Madge moved from Cape Town to join one of the country's top MMA gyms, Fight Fit Malitia. Under the guidance of head coach Richard Quan, Madge looked focused as ever when entering the Hexagon. Not wasting any time, Madge charged forward the moment the hooter went off. Costa however did not seemed fazed by the quick attack. Getting Madge on the mat, he attempted to lock in submission after submission. The change in camps, seemed to have made a big difference to Madge as he got out of these attempts every single time. Madge finally got top guard on Costa and began to rain down punches like it's nobody's businnes. The ref kept a close eye on things and decided to put Costa out of his misery, calling the fight 2:31 seconds into round 1.

A packed Grand Arena of almost 4000 people cheered their favourite fighters on and were treated to some very good fights. Let's hope the organisation keeps on delivering top fighters and bouts that will keep the fans coming back for more.

Results of the prelim fights are as follow:

1-Sylvester Chipfumbu beat Lourens Botes via Unanimous Decision.
2-Kaleka Kabanda beat Basambombo Mutuale via Unanimous Decision.
3-Regis Muyambo beat Pope Djembo via Unanimous Decision
4-Wessel Mostert beat Ivan Strydom via Guillotine 1:14 seconds / Round 1
5-Armand Scheepers beat Stefan Pretorious via Guillotine 1:44 seconds / Round 1
6-Pupanga Tresor beat Pietie Coxen via KO 58 seconds / Round 1

Article by: Darren McLean

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