LFS Rules and Regulations - Part 1

As we are getting ever so close to the final stage of Last Fighter Standing, all the finalists came together along with LFS CEO Quinton van de Burgh and LFS presenter, Micheal Jai White at the Sun City resort for a training camp. While the fighters are getting familiar with some more techniques and lessons from Micheal Jai White, I thought it would only be fitting to introduce the fans to the Official Last Fighter Standing Rules and Regulations. This will be a regular feature coming as we build up to the finals. In this segment, I will be focusing on Section 8.4 Method on Sccoring for Judges and 8.5 Scorekeeper's Duties.


The three scoring judges of a bout will select a winner of each round at the end of each round, marking their ballots accordingly. These ballots will be collected by the assistant scorekeeper, and tabulated at the end of each round by the scorekeeper and LFS Representative. Once ballots have been marked by the respective scoring judges, no changes of the ballots will be allowed except at the express direction of LFS Supervisor. Scoring judges score all rounds by recording a score of ten points for the winner of each round, and a score of not less than five points for the loser of each round. Judges will score using point counters.

10-9 Indicates one fighter distinguished himself/herself as the more effective fighter during the round, as described above.
The score is used often and indicates an obvious margin between the fighters.

8.4.1 Points shall be totaled on each scoring judge's scorecard to determine that judge's selection of a winner.

8.4.2 Each judge's selection will count as one vote towards determining the overall winner of the bout.

8.4.3 If a judge's scorecard, when totaled, reflects an equal number of points for both fighters, that judge will have voted for a
draw. In the case of 3 judges' have an equal number of points for both fighters, the bout will be declared a draw.

8.4.4 If two judges' scores favour one fighter, and the other judge votes for a draw, the fighter receiving two votes shall be declared the winner by majority decision.

8.4.5 If all three judges' scores favour one fighter, that fighter will be declared the winner by unanimous decision.

8.4.6 If one judge votes for a fighter, and the other two judge's vote for the other fighter, the fighter receiving the two votes shall be declared the winner by split decision. Should it be necessary to substitute a judge during a match due to sickness, the scores will stand for the rounds already completed. A substitute judge, appointed by LFS Supervisor, will score the
remaining rounds of the match.


At the end of each round, the scorekeeper will take the scoring judges ballot slip from the assistant scorekeeper or LFS Supervisor who will have collected them from the three scoring judges, and will take the number of kicks from the two kicking judges' cards, and then he/she will tabulate the results onto his/her master score card.

The scorekeeper shall tally all foul points, having been instructed by the referee at the end of each round as to the amount of penalty points, deducting these appropriately from each judge's score under the ten point scoring system,and entering the results on the master scorecards.If the match should end in a knoackout or a technical knockout the scorekeeper shall entert the exact time of the KO/TKO on the master scorecard.

At that time, the scorekeeper shall make the final tallies and deliver the totals to LFS Supervisor, who will verify the accuracy of the scores. Where appropriate, he/she will check the tiebreaker ballots. The Supervisor shall then report the results of the bout to the referee and the announcer.

That will be it for now. With the next feature we will be looking at 8.9:LFS Judging Criteria and 8.10: LFS Referee Criteria and 8.11: Powers of the Referee. 

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