Training Session - Fighterz Inc.

Have you ever walked into a Martial Arts training centre and felt intimidated by the students and coaches because you are the new guy (or girl)? I have, but this was not the case when I visited Fighterz Inc. a few weeks back. In fact it was quit the opposite.

Being greeted by a bunch of friendly faces immediately set me at ease, and as I confusingly walked around not knowing where to stand or what to do, some of the students geared me in the right direction.

Although I have been training for a number of years, I always humble myself when walking into another training institution. As all martial artist would know, respect is one of the core fundamentals of this long aged tradition. Co-incidentally, this also happens to be part of the Fighterz Inc. motto.

Our Motto
Respect. Discipline. Commitment.

God first, believe in yourself and never doubt.
Training was intense and extremely technical. So getting a good work out while learning how to defend yourself properly is definitely a winning combination. 

After training I managed to get a few words from two of Fighterz Inc.'s most prestige's fighters, Faeez "Trouble Maker" Jacobs and Justin Arthur Smith. Faeez currently holds three titles from different organisations and Justin recently defeated Ashley Robinson for the Rebel Welterweight title.

Fighterz Inc has prided themselves on many things, one of those being training women in self-defense. Here we spoke to two of the female students and they gave us some insight on their experience with Fighterz Inc.

Fighterz Inc. has built a vast platform where they train both fighters, and the ordinary person who simply trains for fitness goals or self-defense. Be sure to check out their website at should you wish to find out more about their classes and times.

Article by Justin Smith

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