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[Cape Town, 31 January 2017] - It's been a long break from combat sports here in Cape Town but thankfully, that break is now over. In 2016 many fans wanted more fight night events, and fighters wanted more opportunities to show case their skills. This call was answered by one of Cape Town's biggest names in the fighting industry (Rowan Katzew), when he decided to host one of his very own events, FIGHT FACTORY.
About Rowan Katzew: I have deep roots in Martial Arts and have been involved in combat sports for over two decades. I own Top Primate Academy, one of Cape Town's best MMA academy's. 
Fight Factory started when we were talking in the Top Primate gym one day after training. We were all sick and tired of the lack of fight nights in Cape Town and the fact that one of the fight nights we had attended for years had become so unprofessional that we refused to attend any further events. So we simply decided to do it ourselves. 
We have made a point of mixing styles of comba…