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[Cape Town, South Africa] Friday 3rd February saw it's very first edition of Fight Factory, Fight Night. But before I get into the events of the evening, let's first address the the elephant in the room.

The event was hosted at The Ring boxing gym in Cape Town. Though relativel, it has limited space for seating arrangements. I spoke to Rowan Katzew (Managing Director or Fight Factory) after the event and he informed me that this was the primary grievance by spectators. Limited seating, obscured vision to the ring, etc. This is definitely something one should consider when hosting an event. However, the setup proved to be very condusive once the fights started and people were barely in their seats. The crowd was in awe of the fights and on leaving the event, the fights were the topic on everyone's lips, not the venue.

Now that we covered that, let's focus the fights. OMG! Did you see the knockout by Faeez Jacobs?? If you missed it, I'll cover it later on, in the art…